JunaProject: balance one year after departure

JunaProject is a beautiful green initiative conceived by Lucas Realini, a physical education teacher from the canton of Ticino, Switzerland aimed at raising public awareness of the potential of the bicycle as an eco-sustainable means of transport and the importance of sharing, also for social purposes.

Final goal of the project is then to raise funds for donate 100 bicycles to 100 children!

Other messages behind JunaProject I'm:

- promote a healthy life and physical activity
- encourage friendship, trust and relationships between people
- have fun, not only with bicycles but in life in general
- dream big… always! :-)

… And so in May 2014 the "adventure" has begun: 3 bicycles, simple but with different characteristics, were entrusted to 3 cyclists with the aim of "making them travel" in Italy and around the world, passing them from friend to friend!

Each "cyclist / traveler" is also invited to make one of the "100 Missions“, Special and fun, conceived by the creator of the project.

Some examples of the most "imaginative" missions?

- Go to a wedding and invite the bride for a short ride on the bike

- Pedal under the light of the full moon dressed as Dracula

- Pedal for at least 100 km in one day

- Take part in a bike critical mass event

- Appear in a photo published in a newspaper while cycling

Other missions, even "more within the reach of a normal city cyclist", such as "taking the subway with the bike following" can be found on the specific page dedicated to the 100 missions of the official website.

But let's find out some more information on 3 bicycles protagonists of the project:

Juna1 is a folding bicycle dating back to 1974 (!) purchased in the "Recicli" shop in Lugano, it is the first of the 3 bikes to have crossed the Atlantic Ocean, after having passed from Switzerland to Germany!

He is currently in Atlanta, United States, after completing 13 missions completed by 10 cyclists!

Here, for example, is the video of one of the missions, the one completed by Francesco who in Zurich crossed 20 bridges in one day!

Juna2 it's a bicycle… EXTENDABLE! Yes, that's right, its frame can be extended! It is a bike that has re-emerged from a Milanese attic after 30 years of rest, rediscovered during a move! :-)

Thanks to the knowledge of one of the enthusiasts who used it, the make and model were discovered: Juna2 is a "Fiocchi Cometa Sprint".

It is currently located in Tournai, Belgium. The 10 cyclists who used it completed 21 missions!

Juna2 has toured for a number of countries in Europe: Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium and England!

Juna3, in a sober black color, is a 1968 Bianchi, still in excellent condition. This bike has the characteristic of being able to be "broken down into two parts" by acting on a single screw.

Juna3 was “ridden” by 13 cyclists and completed 14 missions. She was in Sweden and is now in Cologne, Germany.

Here is anyway map constantly updated with the movements of the 3 bikes:

The photos and i video shot by the different JunaProject bikers are also available on the 4 social pages of the project:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- YouTube

- Instagram

From the start of the project, just over a year after its departure, the bikes have passed into the hands of 33 cyclists in 8 different states and 48 missions were successfully completed.

The subsequent stages are obviously all to be discovered because they will depend exclusively on the next cyclists who will use the bikes.

We asked Lucas of any difficulty in the management of project and here is his answer: "Actually everything is not easy, also because people have their own things to do, they have a job, sometimes the weather and the seasons do not help ... other times the cyclists get sick or leave on the road leaving the bike locked in the garage for 1 month or more ... communication is not taken for granted, there are those who respond after an hour and there are those who respond after 2-3 or even 4 weeks. "

But JunaProject does not stop and on the contrary, the three bikes continue to grind kilometers and travel the world!

… If someone now gives you one of the 3 legendary bikes you will know what you have to do! :-)

In the meantime, tell your friends about this beautiful project and if you like the initiative and want to support it, you can make a free donation, via Paypal, on the appropriate page of the official website.

JunaProject has already attracted the interest of several online and offline media, including, LaRegione Ticino, Rete1, Rete3, Velojournal,,, Das Fahrrad (museum in Hamburg), L'Universo (university newspaper), KIKA TV (German broadcaster of the ARD / ZDF), Foldingbiketravels, Bicilive, urbancycling, myBikeMagazine, Tour Magazine, Migros Action, Newlyswissed, Radio Fiume Ticino, LeGracq, TuttoGreen, Rete1 Albachiara, etc.

We hope that this article of mine on IdeeGreen will also contribute to making this beautiful Green project known and relaunching it on other newspapers!

Video: PART 1. DEPARTING DUBAI AIRPORT (January 2022).