Vitamin D: where it is found and what benefits it provides

Vitamin D: where it is found and what benefits it provides

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There vitamin D is found in appreciable quantities only in a few foods. L'Cod liver oil it is the food where the greatest amount of vitamin D but it is not easy to include it in your diet with a certain frequency.

Others foods rich in vitamin D. that should not be missing in our diet are the salmon, the tuna fish and theherring. In lower percentages the vitamin D it is also contained in the milk and in his derivatives, in eggs, in liver and in green vegetables.

The sun is another important source of vitamin D as it stimulates our body to produce it. Obviously, however, it is necessary to expose yourself to the sun with the necessary precautions, away from the hottest hours and with protective sun creams.

For more information: vitamin D, food and sun.

Vitamin D: the beneficial effects

It is important to take vitamin D to strengthen our musculoskeletal system and to strengthen our immune system.

During pregnancy it is important to increase the amount of vitamin D in your diet to promote the maturation of the fetal skeleton, just as it is important to take good amounts of vitamin D during breastfeeding, to ensure healthy growth of the newborn.

There vitamin D also ensures positive effects in the digestive process as it promotes the reabsorption of calcium in the kidney and the intestinal absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

Vitamin D could also play an important role in protecting against some forms of cancer. A study by Joan Lappe, professor of medicine in Creighton University, for example, provided strong evidence in which the intake of vitamin D (1100 IU / day) and calcium (1400-1500 mg / day) by postmenopausal women led to a statistically significant decrease in the risk of onset of carcinomas.

Vitamin D deficiency: the negative effects

Unfortunately, based on data collected by SIOMMMS (Italian Society of Osteoporosis of Mineral Metabolism and Skeletal Diseases) 80% of Italians follow a diet lacking in vitamin D, especially in the case of young people and in the winter period, with the consequence of favoring muscle weakness with relative pains, bone fragility (osteoporosis), up to rickets.

Some studies completed in 2006 have also shown the correlation between vitamin D deficiency and increased chances of contracting the flu.

To ascertain a possible vitamin D deficiency, it is sufficient to perform a blood test and then have the calcidiol (or 25-hydroxycalciferol) level analyzed by your doctor.

There are a number of risk factors which can be causes of vitamin D deficiency. Here are a few:

  • lack of exposure to sunlight
  • smoking cigarettes or staying in places with cigarette smoke
  • significant overweight
  • alcohol intake
  • celiac disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • taking drugs that interfere with the assimilation of vitamin D
  • presence of gastric bypasses
  • old age

Vitamin D deficiency: symptoms

Symptoms that may indicate a vitamin D deficiency are unfortunately only identifiable when levels have already dropped significantly from the minimum needed. Here are a few:

  • pain in the legs and arms
  • widespread sense of fatigue
  • difficulty maintaining concentration and thinking clearly
  • bone pain

Vitamin D: the forms existing from the scientific point of view

Vitamin D group has the following main forms:

  • vitamin D1 : compound consisting of 1: 1 parts of ergocalciferol and lumisterol
  • vitamin D2 : ergocalciferol
  • vitamin D3 : cholecalciferol
  • vitamin D4 : dihydroergocalciferol
  • vitamin D5 : sitocalciferol

Vitamin D: supplements

As with all other types of vitamins, our advice is to take vitamin D through foods that contain it in nature.

If this is not possible, perhaps during periods in which there is no possibility or time to choose the food to be taken, supplements in capsules, now available in many supermarkets, are certainly useful.

A good supplement that can be purchased online at an advantageous price is that of Calcium (citrate) and Vitamin D capsules, particularly suitable for strengthening our bones: 4 bottles of 60 capsules are on sale at a discounted price of 36 Euros. This is the link to buy on the Anastore website, which specializes in the sale of supplements with certified quality.

Products enriched with vitamin D

Especially in the United States, but lately also in Italy, it is possible to find in supermarkets products enriched with vitamin D, including milk, fruit juices and cereals.

These products are also starting to spread in Italy, so they can be another option for integrating your diet effectively.

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