Cultivation of corn for popcorn and cobs

Cultivation of corn from popcorn and cobs: how to grow popcorn corn, it takes little space to grow popcorn ears. All about the cultivation of corn, maize and useful tips for growing in pots.

Corn for popcorn and ears for corn on the cob

Therecorn cultivation for pop cornit does not differ from that of sweet corn to taste tasty cobs. In short, there is no difference betweengrow corn on the cobfor the preparation of corn or to make popcorn at home, what differs is the raw material: the seeds!

In the case of sweet corn (for the cobs) the variety to choose is the "sugary" one, for pop corn there are varieties of the speciesZea mays evertaad hoc: colored, rounded, black corn…. you are spoiled for choice.

How to grow popcorn corn

Grow maize is simple. You can planting corn with the planting of plants already developed and purchased from a nursery, or starting with the sowing corn. Sow corn it is not difficult at all, and the operation is undoubtedly less expensive.

The exhibition

For thecorn cultivationyou will need to choose a sunny and sheltered location from the wind, however, if you live inmountainor in a ventilated area, you will be forced to install a stake for each plant.

The soil suitable for the cultivation of popcorn ears

Themaizeit grows well on any type of soil but certainly the cobs will be larger and of better quality if you grow them in fertile soil, enriched with mature manure. Arrange to fertilize the seedbed (or plant) in the months preceding the sowing period. If you wantgrowing corn in pots, choose fertile soil rich in organic matter.

How to sow corn: the sowing period

When is corn sown?Corn has a rather long maturation, the seeds do not germinate in cold and humid soil therefore it is advisable to sow in seedbeds. If you want to sow in the open field, you will have to wait between the end of April and the beginning of May, when the soil temperatures are compatible with the germination of the seed.

Corn, early sowing: sow the popcorn in the seedbed.

For sow corn in advance, you need biodegradable jars: in each jar place a seed at a depth of about 2-3 cm. Keep the vase in a heated environment (around 20 ° C) and full of light.

Before planting corn outdoors, make the seedling stronger and above all, expose it to temperatures different from those of growth gradually: before planting the seedlings, move the pots to an area at an intermediate temperature between the inside or the outside , perhaps on the porch of the house or in a well-sheltered area of ​​the garden.

How to plant popcorn corn

At the time of planting, being a biodegradable pot, you can bury the plant including the pot, without stressing the roots. Immerse the biodegradable pot in water and then proceed with the planting. For the system, respect the distances indicated in the following paragraph.

How to sow corn in the open field

For thesowing cornin the open field, wait for the temperatures to rise (late April - early May) and act only when the risk of late colds is zero! For sowing, prepare grooves about 2 cm deep and place a group of 2 - 3 seeds in each hole. The distance to be respected is 30 cm between the plants on the same row and about 60 cm between one row and another. Protect the sowing ground with a very tight mesh net: corn is very popular with birds and mice!

When to harvest corn

To understand when to harvest corn, you will need to check the cobs and filaments that are observed on the apex (they are calledbeards!). When the beards are brownish, it will be possible to harvest the cob.

Popcorn corn seeds and plants

Where to buy corn seeds for popcorn?You can contact any agricultural consortium or the most well-stocked garden centers. For completeness, we point out some varieties of popcorn corn with a good yield.

  1. Classic seeds
  2. Rostrato variety

Small curiosity:
How do they explode i corn kernels and turn into popcorn?
The heat transforms the water present in the corn kernel into steam and despite the strong internal pressure no crack is formed: the outer shell of the corn kernel (the pericarp) is extremely hard and does not allow steam to escape.

The grain is thus transformed into a small pressure cooker: it is the “high pressure + high temperature” combination that transforms the corn grain into popcorn! When the grain reaches an internal temperature of 180 ° C, the starch turns into that beautiful white cloud that we callpop corn.

Video: The whole process from planting to harvesting of popcorn (January 2022).