Running and other sports earphones

If you liketo runand listen to the music, surely you will have stumbled upon that very bad experience: earphones falling, wires that limit body movements and accidental falls of the music player precisely because of the headphones inadequate.

Any runner would rather spend his time concluding training sessions and not tidying up tangled cables; thus, the first characteristics that must have goodearphones for runningis this: they must be wireless, wireless! That's why I advise you to choose headphones for to practise sport with bluetooth technology.

The bluetooth earphones can give you an unprecedented feeling of freedom even if it is difficult to make the best choice: there are many options on the market and it can be difficult to identify best headphones for running and to practice sports in complete freedom.

What characteristics must have realrunning earphones

  • Wireless
    We have already said the first feature: they must be bluetooth and therefore wireless.
  • In ear or with headband
    Often the doubt arises: to play sports, they are better earphones in ear or with headband? In-ear headphones isolate better and transmit cleaner sound, the only drawback is that often those who use them for running states that the earpiece tends to fall off the ear canal.
    This depends on the shape of the earphone itself which is not compatible with the ear canal, which is why you need to choose earphones that can fit your ear canal.
    Headband earphones do not isolate the ground and have the disadvantage of sweating the area surrounding the ear. In any case, if you go for a run in the urban jungle you should orient yourself on earphones with a headband precisely because the headphones in ear they tend to isolate too much and you wouldn't be able to hear the sound of oncoming cars. Going for a run in the heart of the city is not good for your lungs and it is not too safe a practice: better if you go to find a park in the suburbs for your jogging! Alternatively, you can slightly loosen the earphones of the in-ear headphones just when you cross urban traits.
  • Safe and stable
    Many bluetooth headphones slip out of the auditory duct, so better orientate yourself on a model that carries a headphone stabilization system.
  • Commands accessible
    Turn the volume up and down, repeat the song or go forward…. Running headsets must allow for simple and immediate management of the media player.
  • Durability
    It goes without saying that they must be made with long-lasting, resistant and easy to clean materials: yes! Therunning earphonesthey must be washed! They get dirty too…!
  • Sound quality
    It is useless to buy expensive headphones to improve sound quality when your media player is a simple smartphone! The most used music players (smartphones such as iPhone, Galaxy or players such as iPods ...) transmit at 16 ΩI, so buying headphones with a higher impedance (such as 32Ω) is not only useless but also expensive and worsens the audio quality.

Running earphones, my experience

I confess, I'm not a great athlete but I like to train, I go out every day by bicycle (on the bike the earphones with wires are unthinkable), I love running and sport in general so I was forced to change a large number of bluetooth earphones and always because I couldn't find a stable pair of headphones.

I solved it with an unexpected product: an 11 euro pair of Chinese headphones! However, the resolution was brief: they stopped working after about twenty days. They had suggested the sports earphones Sennheiser but I didn't like it at all, so I resold them on ebay. I finally found it great racing earphones at the end of April, just when the weather conditions allowed more frequent trips. I'm talking about the “Aukey Headset stereo for sport” earphones, paid on Amazon (with free shipping) only 29.99 euros. I have been using them for several months and with great satisfaction.

These earphones allow me to answer the phone and talk without having to take the smartphone out of my pocket, as well as allow me to adjust the volume, pause and change tracks. They are perfectly soundproofed so for those who would like to use them in urban centers I recommend the utmost caution ... when I leave the house by bicycle I solved the problem by slightly loosening the headphones which in any case do not fall out because they carry an additional stabilizer (hear hooks) that is fixed on the upper part of the auditory duct, as shown in the photo above.

These earphones have been designed for sportsmen (they can be considered running earphones in all respects) in fact in the package there are 6 ear hooks of different sizes and 6 earplugs (the part that must be inserted in the duct), these are rubbers that fit perfectly to the auditory duct: they work similarly to the polyurethane foam adapters, that is, they are modeled according to the size of the duct, solving the problem of leakage. Another advantage lies in the possibility of washing them, certainly I have never put them under running water but I often pass a damp sponge with them, especially when I ride a bicycle on dirt and dusty paths.

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