Polish the wood with the DIY cream

Our DIY cream for polishing wood it is a delicate product that respects the furniture and the environment. It is suitable for all types of wooden furniture, unsurpassed for those made with natural untreated wood. It is easy to make at home and has a low cost.

Polish the wood respecting its natural characteristics, it has become 'fashionable' again after years in which treatments of all kinds have jeopardized the intrinsic and unsurpassed qualities of this extraordinary material.

Over the past few decades, the excessive concern to treat and protect has given rise to a subculture of patinating, plasticizing, vitrifying that risk losing the living soul of the wood, transforming it into a support devoid of vitality. Fortunately, it has been understood for a while that treating and protecting is not needed most of the time and that for polish the wood there are natural recipes that work great.

DIY wood polishing cream


  • raw beeswax 50 grams;
  • white beeswax in drops 2 teaspoons;
  • demineralized water (or natural mineral water) 150 ml
  • turpentine 3 tablespoons;
  • flake soap 2 tablespoons;
  • lemon essential oil 10 drops.

To prepare the cream for polishing wood boil the water in a saucepan and dissolve the soap in it; to speed up the amalgam you can help yourself with the blender and immersion until you get a homogeneous solution. At this point, let it cool down and in the meantime melt the beeswax mixed with turpentine in a bain-marie, being careful and never over an open flame because these are easily flammable substances.

Once the second mixture has been made, add it to the soapy solution, mixing well and with energy. Finally, always mixing, add the essential oils and pour the cream thus obtained into containers that can be hermetically sealed. This DIY cream for polishing wood it is used by applying a little on the furniture with a soft cloth, rubbing until completely absorbed.

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  • raw beeswax
  • rectified turpentine essence

How to clean and polish wood in a natural way

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