Passat GTE Hybrid, price and release

There Passat GTEwill debut with the versionGTE Variant, these are the new flagshipsVolkwagenequipped with hybrid engines. L'Exitof theHybrid Passatis set for February 2016 while the presales have already been activated.

Both thePassat GTE, both theGTE Variantthey are equipped with a 1.4 TSI engine flanked by an electric engine. Theplug-in hybridofVolkwagensport a mechanical system capable of delivering a power of 218 horsepower. The powertrain is flanked by a 6-speed transmission with DSG gearbox.

As stated, theExitof the twoVolkwagen hybridsis set for the beginning of 2016 (February), with its cars, the German group would like to contribute to the achievement of the 893,000 alternative drive cars sold: according to market trends it is estimated that by 2018, the sales of models with plug-in hybrid propulsion (PHEV) will reach 893,000. By 2022 it is expected to sell 3.3 million PHEV cars per year, the prominent segments are precisely those that include carsVolkwagen hybridsas theGolf and the Passat.

TherePassat GTEis his versionVariantthey are the first carsplug-in hybridlicense platesVolkwagen.


How it will drive thePassat GTEand theGTE Variant?
Pending my road test, based on the mechanics we can say that thePassat GTEit will start ine-Mode, in zero-emission electric mode. L'autonomyof thePassat GTEin electric only mode it is 50 kilometers. L'autonomyoverall of the German flagship goes beyond 1,100 km, not bad considering that it is enough kilometers to be able to travel the distance that separates Amsterdam from Parisround trip!

THEconsumptionof thenew Passat 2016hybrid plug-inthey amount to just 1.6 liters needed to travel 100 km, we remind you, however, that when test drives are carried out to declare the consumption of hybrid cars, the car manufacturers make the most of electric traction to be able to flaunt low consumption. This means that even those who buy thePassat GTEwill be able to achieve such low fuel consumption, but only if it adopts an eco-sustainable driving style!


Being ahybrid plug-in, consumption does not refer only to fuel but also to accumulators: 100 km are traveled with 12.2 kWh for the versionGTE and 12.4 kWh for the versionGTE variant. How much does an electric tank cost to travel 100 km on board thePassat hybrid plug-in? Considering an average energy price of 28.81 euro cents per kilowatt hour and a consumption of 12.2 kWh, to travel 100 km on board thePassat hybrid plug-inonly 3.50 euros will be needed.

The maximum speed of thePassat GTEamounts to 225 km / h while those who want to travel using only the power of the electric motor (e-Mode), can reach 130 km / h.

The plug-in hybrid drive is given by an electric powertrain and a 1.4 TSI. The 1.4 TSI engine and the electric motor deliver 156 and 115 hp respectively. The maximum torque of the plug-in hybrid propulsion reaches an impressive 400 Nm.

Despite theExitset for February 2016, theprice listof the Passat phybrid lug-inhas already been disclosed. Thecostpurchase of thePassat GTE 2016amounts to 46,500 euros. Thepricerises to 47,500 euros for thePassat GTE Variant.

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