Sink waste shredder, prices and standards

Thesink waste disposal unitis an appliance designed to eliminate food waste. THEgarbage disposalit is also calledfood dissipator orsink waste disposal unitfor its location: agarbage disposalit must be installed under the sink, in correspondence with the water drain.

Although for us Italians that ofgarbage disposalit is relatively new (they have been spreading in recent years), in other countries of Europe or the new continent they are now a full-blown reality. On my first trip to the US, back in 2001, it was impossible to find a house or cottage without garbage disposal.

Thegarbage disposalit has the task of reducing food waste to pulp and making it flow away through the drainage system. Given that in Italy igarbage disposalare still in their infancy, it would be necessary to increase the potential of water purification plants, as the disposal of organic waste would be moved in this context.

Due to an ineffective water purification system and local sewage systems, the use ofsink waste disposal unitit is often the subject of strong controversy and collects a lot of criticism from environmentalists.

Sink waste shredder, the legislation

Indeed the story of the garbage disposal in Italy it is very young because until recently the law prohibited its installation and use. Art. 2, cc. 8-bis and 19, of the legislative decree 16 January 2008, n. 4, went to modify paragraph 3 which read: "the disposal of waste, even if shredded, in the sewer is not allowed". Today this paragraph has been changed to: "the disposal of waste, even if shredded, in the sewer is not allowed, with the exception of organic waste coming from food waste treated with food waste disposers that reduce its mass into fine particles, subject to verification of the existence of a purification by the managing body of the integrated water service ".

Who wants to install agarbage disposal under the sinkall you have to do is buy it and assemble it, even independently. You will not need to make any reports because the dealer will take care of this. Even if the law allows the installation of asink waste disposal unitLegambiente reminds us that thewaste disposerit is not an ally of the environment and that household waste should be sent to compost either directly (with a composter available to the house) or indirectly (through separate waste collection).

Sink waste shredder, prices

As always, the last word belongs to the consumer who can decide independently what is best for himself and for the environment in which he lives. THEprices of sink waste disposal unitsare accessible. The price increases for the more innovative models but even in this case it is easily affordable costs.

Adomestic waste disposal unit(waste disposer) Bioeco of the lineInsinkeratoris offered on Amazon at a price of 409 euros with free shipping. To read the technical data sheet of the aforementioned product, we refer you to the official page: Bioecoshop TritaRifiuti Domestico Bioeco InSinkErator. Why have we reported this product? For the positive opinions of users who have already tried it and for the origin of the product that can boast the Made in Italy brand.

Those who do not want to give up the garbage disposal but want to face a cheaper expense, can aim for thewaste disposer InSinkErator 45 proposed on Amazon at the promotional price of 164.91 euros. Also in this case, we have selected the product with the highest approval rating by users who have already purchased and used it. The only "flaw" of the aforementioned product would seem to be that it does not have an Italian power socket so as to need a few euro adapter. The InSinkErator 45 waste disposer is easy to assemble, the purchase package includes, in addition to the waste shredder, the stainless steel drain with corrosion-resistant rubber cap to be inserted into the sink and the outlet fitting from the waste shredder that conveys the chopped waste into the sink drain. According to consumer experiences, the device can be mounted independently without the intervention of a plumber.

As is clear, the price of garbage disposal can vary a lot. Usually, the price varies according to the noise level and the shredding efficiency of the heatsink. Both the models reported are silent but work with different timings. The same house offers models at 740 euros. To see the complete range of waste shredders from different manufacturers, I refer you to the Shredders page on Amazon.

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