Sunburns, natural remedies

Thesunburnare easy to prevent, you shouldn't have to go looking remedies for sunburn because when these have already formed, burning is the least of your problems. Thesunburnincrease the risk of contracting various skin disorders, the affected skin is more prone to spots and less elastic, therefore more prone to wrinkles.

When thesunburnblister shape, the risk of getting melanoma increases, melanoma is a severe skin cancer. Next time, before taking onesunburn, think carefully and aim for prevention. In the article dedicated to sunburn I described how different skin types (phototypes) should be protected from the sun. Prevent the sunburn and the natural remedy more effective and above all safer.

If by now the damage is done, try to run for cover by implementing the 5remedies which now I'll explain.

Act quickly
If you are on the beach and you start to feel tingling or notice a first sign of redness on your skin or that of your baby, start protecting yourself by moving to a shady area. From the first redness, thesunburnit can take 4 to 6 hours to show all of your symptoms.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E
Avoid hot showers, use lukewarm water, and after bathing, use a moisturizer or soothing lotion enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E. Although studies have not shown that vitamin C and vitamin E creams can actually help the skin, many dermatologists recommend its use. Rather, I would recommend preferring those foods rich in these two micronutrients, the Goji berries they are a perfect natural supplement of vitamin C and carotenoids.

Absolutely to avoid: remove the skin by pulling it with your fingers and break the blisters. When the blisters have disappeared, you can proceed with a peeling.

Any burn, mild or severe, tends to dehydrate a small area of ​​your body. Drink much more water than usual, water enriched with mineral salts, such as classic sports drinks, is also recommended. After asunburn, children are particularly vulnerable to symptoms such as sleepiness, headache, dizziness, decreased urination, dry mouth ... so ifsunburn concerns a child, make sure there is adequate water supply.

An anti-inflammatory could be useful, the classic ibuprofen (Moment) is also indicated. If the inflammation of the skin is significant, a cream containing 0.5% hydrocortisone can be applied.

Consult a doctor
In most cases, the sunburnthey can be cured with home remedies. Treating sunburn is not difficult, even when these have bubbles, however, we should not underestimate themsunburnwhen these are very extensive and the blisters cover 20% of the body surface (such as the entire back). Strongsunburnthey can give rise to fever and chills, even in this case it may be useful to consult a doctor.

How to cure sunburn with natural remedies
Baking soda, potatoes, milk and aloe vera are just a few of thenatural remediesagainst thesunburn. All information is contained in the article dedicated to natural remedies for sunburn.

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