Spending at km 0, here's where and why to do it

Therezero kilometer shoppingit is increasingly loved and sought after by Italians, especially by women. Thereshopping at km 0it is synonymous with a short supply chain, environmental sustainability, genuine food products and savings.

Thanks to the short supply chain, intermediaries are cut, prices linked to transport and large-scale distribution are eliminated, thus achieving a final saving that cuts 30% of the price. Savings for the final buyer are not the only economic advantage.

With thezero kilometer shoppingthe local economy is helped with a redistribution of money: the pennies from the shopping do not go to enrich the coffers of a single hypermarket but are re-distributed among the many local farmers. What you need to do to access onezero km shoppingis to inform you about the small farms in your area.

As stated, the zero km shopping guarantees the quality and freshness of the products that are harvested at the moment, so they do not accumulate in cold rooms (at best!), in trucks or on the shelves of a supermarket.

How far does food travel before it reaches our tables? The transport of food has a major economic impact on the agri-food industry, costs that fall on the final consumer. The price of food transport is not only economic but above all environmental: it has been calculated that an average meal, before reaching your table, travels more than 1,900 km and a large part of the transport is to be attributed to the buyer. With theshopping at km 0you can buy foods that were formed on the spot! Without a gram of CO2 added for transportation.

Is zero-mile shopping for you?

I must be honest. There shopping at km 0 not for everyone. If you are used to over-the-counter products you can have a non-positive visual impact. Eggplants from the garden don't always have such linear shapes, peaches are certainly not that big and if the small farmer is used to doing zero treatments, even a worm could escape! With theshopping at km 0you will not be able to buy plums in the middle of winter, nor find turnip greens in August. The garden has its seasonality, so the pumpkins come back in autumn and the cherries arrive at the beginning of summer.

Do theshopping at km 0it means buying in a healthy and conscious way, directly from the farms in your area.

If you can accept the fact that you could buy eggs of different sizes (yes, hens do not produce standard-sized eggs and sometimes the shell can be a little rough!), Smaller mandarins and oranges with seeds ... then the zero km shopping can do for you and you will gain health and flavor!

Zero km shopping at home

More and more users are interested in theshopping at home. Freelancers who do not have time to queue at the checkout, elderly women who can no longer leave the house, desperate housewives…. what hectic world do we live in? I very much hope that the elderly women have a loving grandson to whom to delegate the task of zero km shopping just as the freelancer should learn to carve out his space…. Then if you really don't want to give up the practicality of the shopping at home (calculate that the courier makes the return journey empty) also in the context ofl km zero there are farms that offer it. Among others, I point out portaNatura who does home delivery of organic shopping in the areas of Genoa, Turin and Milan. Thereshopping at homeit is very useful for those who do not own a car and do not know how to carry 8 or more shopping bags.

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