Colloidal silver, properties and uses

With the termColloidal Silvera solution of very fine particles ofpure silverin suspension in distilled water.

Unfortunately, the market too often misuses this term by peddlingionic silver in solutionfor Colloidal Silverand there is a big difference between these two products.

Differences between Ionic silver and colloidal silver

In a certain sense, ionic silver in solution can be compared to a solution of water and salt. Just as salt dissolves in water releasing ions, a solution of ionic silver appears transparent and colorless because the ionic form is not visible. On the contrary, the colloidal form of silver, when the particles are present in appreciable quantities, absorb visible light and make thecolloidmanifests an apparent color becoming visible to the human eye. Thesolutions of ionic silverappear transparent or light yellow.

Themisunderstandingwas born for a marketing strategy (theColloidal Silverhas much higher production costs and much more popular properties than silver ion solutions) but also due to the misuse of the termparticles.

Ions are often described ascharged particlesbecause they are electrically charged atoms (in the case of silver, Ag +) and not real silver particles as is the case withColloidal Silver. An ion (charged atom) can dissolve in water, silver particles cannot, however small they may be, they do not dissolve in water! The normal particle diameter of colloid silver varies from µ 0.01 to 0.001.

Who is unfamiliar withchemistry, this distinction might seem trivial but it is not at all. There is a big difference between charged particles (silver ions) and colloidal silver particles. Let's talk about stability: the ionic form is reactive and therefore can bind to other elements such as chlorine. The colloidal particles remainsilver pure, metallic silvernon reactive, while glisilver ionsthey can combine with anions dissolved in water (negatively charged particles) to give life to other molecules such as silver chloride.

Why is colloidal silver so popular?

Research today has confirmed that no pathogenic organism (viruses, bacteria and fungi) is capable of causing disease if exposed to silver, even if it is a matter of tiny traces. In this context, theColloidal Silverproved to be an effective one natural antibioticwhich, when used properly, is also free from side effects.

L'Colloidal Silverit is not a recent discovery. Before 1938, colloidal silver was administered just like today, our doctors prescribe medicines and vaccines. L'Colloidal Silverit was injected intravenously and intramuscularly, taken orally or administered topically on the most sensitive tissues (eyes and mucous membranes).

L'Colloidal Silveris it toxic or does it have side effects?
In reality, the studies in this regard are rather limited and the knowledge we have today is due to past uses. What is certain is that the use ofColloidal Silverdoes not cause "blue blood";) The few recent studies on the absorption ofColloidal Silver show that it does not accumulate in the body even in nails and hair, typical accumulation tissues.

L'Colloidal Silverfor internal use it has a prolonged action in the body: colloidal particles gradually spread through the blood, managing to perform an antibacterial action and deactivating pathogenic organisms. This means that colloidal silver could be used to treat most of the diseases to which we are exposed, from the most common cold to the most devastating MRSA infection (serious infections, even fatal, caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Administered in drops, theColloidal Silver can cure ear, nose and eye infections, to cure candida naturally ...

Where to buy colloidal silver?

There are few pharmacies that are able to supply certified colloidal silver. Even the price is not an ally to those who intend to buy colloidal silver for therapeutic use. A 100 ml bottle at a concentration of 10 ppm costs approximately 25 euros.

Before use colloidal silver for internal use, consult your doctor so as to understand together any dosages and applications. Before using theColloidal Silver for external use, I recommend reading some in-depth manuals that may clarify doubts about the appropriate applications:

Colloidal Silver. The natural alternative to antibiotics
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The great book of colloidal silver.
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