Moon phases of gardening

Although a popular belief, most farmers prefer to organize sowing and all agricultural activities following the lunar phases; according to them, its stages would seriously affect plant growth.

When the moon is in the waxing phase, the saps would also rise to the surface; this would favor the development of plants. On the other hand, when there is a waning moon, the juices would return downwards, towards the roots; this would favor the fertility of the earth and, therefore, would be the moment of sowing. What are the phases of the moon to respect while cultivating the vegetable garden?

  • Moon phases of the garden
    With the new moon (the classic black moon), we are in the best time to sow chicory and to proceed with the split grafting on plum and cherry trees
  • With the crescent moon, (the classic crescent with a westerly hump that begins to grow about a week after the new moon), it is the best time to transplant lettuce, onions, potatoes and strawberries. It is also the best time to sow tomatoes, winter cabbage and Brussels sprouts, envy and turnips
  • With the full moon, (the classic fully illuminated moon), it is the best time to plant white garlic, white and red onion, carrots, summer lettuce, radicchio, peas and asparagus
  • With the waning moon (the classic humped moon is in the east), it's the best time to sow peas, parsley, basil and herbs. Apple trees, pears and vines should also be pruned.

Wanting to follow a general rule, peasants and gardeners who are experts in moon phases recommend sowing all vegetables that grow above the ground only when the moon is waxing, as regards the vegetables that grow under the ground and vegetables with growth in clumps, it is good to sow them with the waning moon.

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Does wine also follow the moon?
The preparation of the wine should also respect the phases of the moon, especially when it is bottled. For example, if you want a sparkling wine you will have to prepare the bottles for the first quarter during the waxing moon; wait for the last quarter in the waning moon phase if you prefer aging wines ... .. go free to any type of wine with a full moon.

Moon phases of gardening

  • In the period that includes the 5 and 2 days before the full moon is the best time to sow the lawn, annual and biennial flowers and climbing plants: in this phase, according to experts, the seed would have the time
    to get used to the new place before undergoing the maximum energy influx (full moon), followed by 14 days of tranquility (waning moon), to prepare for its first evolution
  • In the first quarter of the moon, it is the best time to plant tubers and bulbs in general such as dahlias, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths….

Moon phases of gardening, useful tips

  • Transplant a tree on a growing moon to be sure of taking root: planting on a waning moon could affect the vegetative recovery of the plant which will take much longer to recover and vegetate at its best
  • Carry out layering and grafts on a crescent moon a few days after the full moon: this is the period in which the sap is most active and therefore the roots of the layering will more easily develop and the graft will take root
  • Carry out the pruning in late winter on a waning moon, when the sap flows less and the same goes for the pruning of the evergreens, which are carried out in late spring and September, and the green prunings, which are carried out in the height of summer: in this phase through cutting, the plant loses a minimum amount of sap and regrows occur more slowly.

It should be noted that these tips may not always prove effective since other factors such as different climates, latitudes, etc. come into play. According to scientists, the lunar influence would be too weak to seriously influence, but the traditions handed down for centuries lead us to continue to believe in it. Beyond the phases of the moon, however, we needsuitable gardening tools!

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