Brushcutter maintenance

Brushcutter maintenance

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Maintenance of the petrol brush cutter: the detailed guide on how to perform a correct maintenance of thebrush cutter with internal combustion engine. Cleaning the filters, the spark plug and lubrication.

Like any tool, thegrass trimmer necessity of maintenance, first of all, the sharpening of the blades so as to ensure a clean cut without burrs.

There maintenance of the brush cutter it is indicated in the user manual that accompanies the tool. Before continuing with any of themaintenance of the brush cutter it is necessary to unscrew the spark plug or make sure to operate with the engine off.

Unused or barely used brushcutter

First of all, it should be noted that if thegrass trimmermust remain unused for more than a month, it is necessary to remove the disc and empty the mixture tank.

The disc or the head must be removed to clean and oil the metal parts to prevent the formation of rust. In case of rust already formed, it is better to remove it using fine-grained sandpaper or a delicate iron brush.

To ensure good engine operation and preserve the rubber components, before facing periods of inactivity, it is necessary to drain the mixture from both the tank and the carburetor. To empty the carburetor you will have to start the engine until the fuel is exhausted, this precaution is not essential if you use alkylate petrol.

For the correct maintenance of the brush cutter make sure you use only quality blend suitable for your brushcutter. In the articlehow to prepare the mixture for the chainsawwe have seen the instructions for the preparation of mixture for two-stroke engines.

Lubricate the combustion chamber

Another fundamental step is to remove the spark plug and put a few drops of oil in the cylinder; pull the starter cord several times so as to distribute the oil evenly in the combustion chamber.

To finish, screw the spark plug and, in view of periods of inactivity, leave the relative cable disconnected until the next use.

Brushcutter maintenance

To avoid the formation of rust, after each use, clean the cutting disc and the head by removing grass residues and drying the disc of residual moisture.

If you have cut a sick lawn, wash the blades with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to avoid transmitting the infestation to other areas of the garden. Check the tightness of the blades after each use.

Thegrass trimmerit must be stored in a dry place out of the reach of children. If you keep the grass trimmerin a humid environment, spray a very light film of lubricating oil distributing it over the entire surface of the blades. Spray evenly and without exaggerating.

Periodically (on average, to be done every 10 hours of use), thegrass trimmerit should be greased and you should also take care of cleaning the cooling fins by removing dust and debris with a brush and / or compressed air.

For the maintenance to be dedicated to the candle of grass trimmer we refer you to the instructions given for cleaning the hedge trimmer candle:maintenance of the hedge trimmer spark plug. Similarly to what we saw in this article, you will have to take care of the spacing of the electrodes and the removal of any carbon deposits. The maintenance of the brushcutter spark plug must be carried out at least once a year and it is necessary to correctly space the electrodes.

Among other operations ofmaintenance of the brush cutterin common with the work to be dedicated to the hedge trimmer there is the maintenance of the filters.

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