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Almond oil

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Almond oil: properties, composition, uses and all information onalmond oil.

Of the almonds nothing is thrown away, even the "peels" are used. Starting from almonds, various products are produced: flour, pasta, oil, syrup, milk… annually, the production of almonds goes beyond 2 million tons. The United States is the largest almond producer in the world, followed by Spain, Iran and Italy.

Two varieties of almonds are grown mainly:sweet almond (Prunus dulcis var. Dulcis)and thebitter almond(Prunus dulcis var. Amara). The extract of bitter almonds, before entering the market, it undergoes a cyanide removal process. The presence of cyanide in bitter almonds is given by the hydrolytic activity of the emulsin enzyme on the amygdalin which releases hydrogen cyanide in water. The bitter almonds they are far richer in oil than sweet almonds.

Almond oil

Thealmondsthey are a rich source ofoil. According to laboratory analyzes, thealmonds, on average, they contain about 44% of oil and of this 63% consists of monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid (better known as omega-9) and 29% of linoleic acid (a better known polyunsaturated fatty acid as omega-6). Only 9% is given by saturated fat.

L'sweet almond oilis a rich source of vitamin E and a decent source of vitamin K.

L'almond oilit can be made from sweet almonds or bitter almonds. It is almost insoluble in alcohol but easily soluble in chloroform or in ethers, valuable information for cosmetic companies that usealmond oil for his property.

Almond Oil - Properties

For all its properties, we refer you to the article Sweet almond oil properties.

In antiquity, thebitter almond oil it was used in medicine but, even in very small doses, it caused very serious or even lethal effects, especially on children. The effects were typical of cyanide poisoning.

Today, thealmond oilfinds wide use in cosmetics, especially those produced fromsweet almonds.

L'almond oil is applied to the skin as an emollient: according to experts, thealmond oilsoftens, nourishes and hydrates the skin. It is the oil most used by masseurs to lubricate the skin during massage sessions.

L'almond oil it is very delicate so much so that its use is recommended for those with particularly delicate skin or on children, they know something about itChiccowho has decided to launch a natural product for children based on sweet almond oil.

Chicco, Organic sweet almond oil
Chicco organic almond oil is designed to "pamper" babies and children in a natural way. It can be used for massages to be done after bathing; You will need to pour a few drops of almond oil in your hands, rub so that the oil reaches a body temperature and then gently massage the baby's skin. It is a certified natural and organic product offered on Amazon at a price of € 9.99 with free shipping for those who buy 2.

Almond essential oil
Almond essential oil is offered on Amazon at a price of € 3.50 with free shipping. It can be used as a fragrance to perfume DIY creams, homemade soaps, neutral bubble baths and other body products or to perfume home environments (candles, essence dispensers…).

100% pure Sweet Almond Oil
A liter of sweet almond oil, 100% pure and produced with cold pressing, is offered on Amazon at a price of € 15.95. This oil is excellent both in aromatherapy (used as a carrier / carrier oil), and for massages on the body, to moisturize the skin or for the composition of DIY creams.

It can be used for the production of sulfur soap, excellent for fighting oily skin and acne.

Other Uses:
L'almond oilit is also used as a conditioner and lubricant to join the different components of wind instruments (clarinet, oboe…).

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