Honey, property

The honey, a sugary substance produced by bees for processing nectar, was already known in ancient times that they already made extensive use of it both for healing purposes and in cosmetics and cooking: for its healing properties it was defined with the nickname "food of the gods" . The quality of the honey depends exclusively on two factors: on the activity of bees to produce it and on the human procedure to extract and package it: the qualitatively best is the organic honey. The biological method does not allow treatments with antibiotics, sulfonamides, pesticides and in any case with products that leave residues in honey or wax.

Honey, why organic?
Mistakenly, many are led to think that all of the honey is organic; absolutely not! Bees generally forage within 1km of the hive. In the organic method, there must be no landfills, medium and large communication roads, industrial plants, specialized orchards or extensive crops within 3 km.

Honey healing properties
That the honey and the sugar of flowers everyone knows: the high concentration of fructose is very important in its composition; in fact, fructose is 100% a product derived from nature, without any human intervention. It also has many vitamins and mineral salts (mainly iron, calcium and phosphorus). To these are then added the enzymes, propolis and pollen with which the bees enrich it.
There are many therapeutic properties of honey, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory for the throat and has sedative effects against nervous excitement and insomnia.
The news coming from some studies done on the honey produced in the parks of Abruzzo, especially on saffron honey: it seems to be effective against cancer due to its high percentage of "nutraceuticals", molecules with high anti-tumor activity.
According to experts, honey is able to fortify muscles, increase endurance and promote their recovery. Those suffering from digestive disorders can very well replace sugar with honey and enjoy its benefits

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