Tax credit for asbestos remediation

Who can benefit from the tax credit for asbestos remediation and how do you access this facility? All information on the 50% tax credit for the removal of asbestos.

All the companies that will carry out interventions for theasbestos remediationon buildings and warehouses they will have access to atax creditequal to 50%, as long as the cost faced for remediate asbestos is equal to at least 20,000 euros.

Thetax credit to remove asbestosis foreseen by an amendment toConnected Environment, approved by the Senate Environment Commission with a fund of 5.536 million euros for 2015 and 6.018 million for each of the years 2016 and 2017. Before seeing how to access this facility, let's clarify immediately what is the tax credit for companies.

What is the tax credit

Thetax creditit is a benefit comparable to the tax relief dictated by the so-calledtax deductions. Specifically, the holder of the tax credit becomes a creditor of the State and will be able to assert his credit to offset various debts.

Thetax creditit can be obtained from taxpayers of the Treasury and can therefore be intended to offset debts of various kinds, to reduce taxes due or, in the absence of taxes to be paid, a refund can be requested at the time of the tax return.

From a fiscal point of view, in the tax return, thetax creditit will not contribute to the formation of the income or the IRAP tax base even if this is collected in the form of a refund. As we will see in the next paragraph, the form of reimbursement of thetax creditit is not foreseen when it comes to facilitating the remediation e remove asbestos.

Tax credit for asbestos remediation

In the case of thetax credit for asbestos remediation, this title can only be used to pay existing debts towards the Public Administration.

The proposal to introduce aasbestos bonusto reclaim the roofs of the company warehouses, a definitive amendment was approved last March but only in recent days has the Government approved.

Who can access the tax credit to remove asbestos

The bonus for the asbestos remediation is recognized to holders of business income who, in 2016, will carry out interventions ofremoval of asbestoson goods and production facilities.

Thetax creditit will be disbursed in three equal annual installments. The first annual fee can be used starting from 1 January of the tax period following the one in which the asbestos removal interventions were carried out. The other two quotas can be used at the time of the tax return in subsequent tax periods.

Whereas thetax credit for asbestos remediationis intended to reimburse half of the investment made for the removal of asbestos with interventions carried out in 2016, the years in which it will be possible to benefit from the shares oftax creditwill be 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Thetax creditit is recognized only on interventions that have seen an expense for theasbestos remediationnot less than 20 thousand euros.

How to access the tax credit

Businesses that perform in the intervention ofasbestos remediationin 2016 they will be able to obtain a tax credit at 50% of the cost by filling out the F24 online form. The overall spending limit amounts to € 5.667 million for each of the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

If you are not a business income holder

If you are a simple citizen and want to remove asbestos from a building or from your home, you can count on our guide article "how to remove asbestos ".

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