BackBeat earphones, which is yours?

BackBeat earphones, which is yours?

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For walking, for fitness, for musical diving and for work: what are the headphones which are right for you? Plantronics, also in view of the Christmas gifts, re-presents 4 models that we re-mention (in fact we had already talked about one) for merits in the field (we liked them and we collected positive impressions). On Amazon you can find them at very, very interesting prices, then you decide.

BackBeat sense earphones

They are so light that you almost forget to put them on and automatically pause when you take them off (thanks to Smart Sensor technology). There are two advantages: the charge lasts longer and the songs can be resumed from the exact point where you left them. Easy simultaneous connection between two devices and up to 18 hours of listening autonomy (declared by the house).

BackBeat Sense

BackBeat Sense Bluetooth White

BackBeat FIT in-ear headphones

They're flexible, sweat-proof and… keep up. Being a wearable headset while running, the audio is powerful to hear the music clearly but the design allows you to capture the surrounding noises. Another important thing, they allow you to be seen in the dark thanks to the bright colors and reflective materials. By connecting with Bluetooth devices, they allow you to listen to music and control calls.

BackBeat FIT (green)

Backbeat FIT (blue)

BackBeat PRO in-ear headphones

They are ideal for travelers and frequent travelers. Active noise cancellation allows you to enjoy rich audio up to 100 meters away from your smartphone and tablet. You can be immersed in the music and then, when a call comes in, answer without interruption. Many hours of listening, 24 those declared by the house with the battery charged.

BackBeat PRO

Voyager Focus UC in-ear headphones

Here we are no longer in the BackBeat range for leisure but in the work range. These stereo headphones for computers and smartphones are in fact equipped with active noise cancellation technology and designed to reduce noise and distractions in open-air, open-plan and remote locations. In short, excellent for working.

Voyager Focus UC

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