Alternatives to white or type 00 flour

Alternatives to white flouro type 00 flour: the list of flours able to partially or completely replace double zero flour.

The increase in cases of wheat allergy and gluten intolerance have triggered the need to researchalternatives toclassicalWhite flourcommonly calleddouble zero flour or 00 flour. Even if your diet is free from restrictions (keep your weight for years and digest even the stones!) It is recommended to vary not only to improve the experiences of the palate but above all for a health issue.

Warning! Not all flours shown in this article are suitable for any type of recipe! Before trying a new recipe make sure that all the ingredients are compatible with your dietary needs, in addition, to avoid waste, try to replace only a small part of the 00 flour with a different type of flour so as to gradually experience the effect obtained.

Alternatives to white flour or type 00 flour

Gluten-free flour, suitable for celiacs

The literal translation corresponds to "starch of Maranta". It is a flour obtained from the tubers of the Maranta arundinacea plant, not very common in Italy but widely used in the new continent. It can be used as a thickener in soups, purées or soups. It has a more neutral flavor than other thickening flours and improves the brightness of the food surface. Also excellent for the preparation of foods intended for freezing.

buckwheat flour
Gluten-free flour, suitable for those suffering from celiac disease

Personally it is the one I prefer! Although the word "wheat" appears in the name, it is not onewheat flour! Buckwheat is a distant cousin of the rhubarb plant and has no ties to cereals. It is safe for a gluten-free diet. Better to combine it with other flours because it has a strong and strong taste. It is perfect for preparing savory crepes or rustic pancakes.

Rice flour and white rice flour
Gluten-free flour suitable for celiacs

To avoid misunderstandings: even the form of rice flourglutinousit can be consumed by celiacs because it is gluten-free, the adjective glutinous is given by the consistency of the flour! For more information:Rice flour

Semolina and semolina flour, saragolla flour, fodder flours
Contains gluten

Wheat semolina comes from durum wheat. As by-products there are flours (saragolla flour), fodder flours, small bran and bran. Wheat meal is used for the preparation of soups or in the production of pasta.

Tapioca flour
Gluten-free flour suitable for a gluten-free diet

Produced by grinding the dried roots of themanioc, a plant native to the Amazon. It has a mild flavor and a texture similar to that ofWhite flour. It is added to bread and pastry doughs to obtain a more pleasant texture. It is used as a thickener in sauces.

Potato flour
Gluten free

Better known as potato starch, it is obtained by grinding dried potatoes. Composed mainly of starch. Widely used in pastry to thicken creams or to make cakes and sweets softer.

Chestnut flour
Gluten free, suitable for celiacs

In many recipes, chestnut flour can completely (or only partially) replace the classic one white flour type 00 which contains only 2.2% fiber. As is clear, chestnut flour is not the only aThe alternative to type 00 flour. For the sake of completeness, we point out other types of flours that are considered valid alternatives to white flour type 00:

  • Almond flour (gluten free)
  • Kamut flour (not suitable for celiacs)
  • Chickpea flour (gluten free)
  • Carob flour (gluten free)

Othersalternatives to white flourare included in the article dedicated to the list of gluten-free flours. To ensure maximum variability in the kitchen, we recommend self-producing the flour with a small household grinder! To make flour at home starting from certain ingredients, the classic blender or a coffee grinder might be enough. For all the information and for other tips on how to replace white flour in the kitchen, I refer you to the guide articlehow to make flour at home.

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