Heat pump water heater, that's when it's convenient

Is it worth buying a heat pump water heater? Preliminary evaluations, prices, deductions and incentives on the purchase of a heat pump water heater.

Leafing through brochures dedicated to the various models ofheat pump water heaterand reading the energy comparisons with classic electric water heaters, we all wondered about prices and convenience.

Oneheat pump water heater is worthwhile?

The answer is a firm yes.
Without wishing to advertise any product, we can say that it isheat pump water heater, depending on the amount of hot water required, it can reduce the cost of the service by 70-75% compared to one electric water heater of equal capacity, without losing anything in terms of comfort. In short, like quantity, quality and availability of hot water, oneheat pump water heater allows a reduction in electricity costs of 70-75% against, however, a greater initial investment for the purchase.

A family of 2 people consumes about 1,350 kWh annually for the operation of the electric water heater. Considering a cost per kWh of € 0.225, that is a cost of € 360 per kWh. With oneheat pump water heater, the same family, without reducing consumption, would save about 235 € by paying, annually, for the production of domestic hot water, only 125 € with a saving of 70%. In the most efficient models ofheat pump water heatersavings can even fluctuate between 75 - 80%.

Based on these savings, it is not difficult to calculate whether it's worth buying a heat pump water heater! Estimating, in a family unit of 4 people, a saving of about € 470 per year, it will be easy to understand how long the purchase price of thewater heater with heat pumpit will be amortized.

In Italy, over 10 million are still in operation todaywater heaters(gas or electric) obsolete and which lead to high energy consumption. According to statistics (CRESME / SI elaborations), in Italy, there are an estimated 7.8 million electric water heaters and 3.0 million low efficiency gas water heaters. This means that in our country there is still a lack of a mentality aimed at renewable resources and energy saving and it is not difficult to understand that there will not be so many families who decide to buy one.heat pump water heater! Among the initial limits, in addition to the failureculture / mentality, there are purchase prices which, fortunately, are amortized in part by incentives and tax deductions.

Theheat pump water heaterit is available in different versions. There are wall, floor or split models with volumes ranging from 80 liters to over 200 liters. For other curiosities:how does a heat pump water heater work?

Heat pump water heaters, incentives and tax deductions

Who needs to replace the old water heater, be it electric or gas, to aim for maximum efficiency has two ways: a water heater with solar collector or, in the absence of a surface or adequate orientations, oneheat pump water heater.

Among the consumer benefits, in addition to theenergy savingin the bill, there is the revaluation of the housing unit which, in any case, gains in comfort and in terms of energy class.

On the front of the concessions on the purchase prices ofheat pump water heaters, the tax deductions or the thermal account balance. Tax deductions provide for concessions in the form of tax relief and are obtained at the time of the tax return. The thermal bill is a real incentive, provided in the form of a refund on the cost of purchasing the device.

As for tax deductions, the consumer can count onBonus for renovations or on the Ecobonus. The restructuring bonus, through the furniture bonus, allows a tax relief of 50% of the purchase price of theheat pump water heaterif this purchase occurs in conjunction with a renovation of the housing unit.

The Ecobonus, on the other hand, provides for a tax relief ranging from 65% (if the purchase is from heat pump water heater is concluded by 31 December 2015) up to a minimum of 36% if the heat pump water heater is purchased by 31 December 2016. The Thermal Account has no time limit but is active until the incentive capital is exhausted.

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