Correct posture at the desk

Hold one correct posture at the desk it helps to avoid spinal problems, muscle disorders and hand and forearm disorders. There correct posture it also helps to keep physical and mental fatigue under control in the office, a condition that can depend on both poor working environment conditions and a non-ergonomic workstation.

Problems related to posture at the desk they are prevented with an ergonomic design of the workplace and a correct arrangement of furnishings and devices, after having chosen them well. For a correct posture for example, it is essential to have a work surface with sufficient space for the support of the forearms and for the correct positioning of the monitor (assuming there is one), the keyboard and the mouse.

It is also important that the workplace is set up in an optimal way according to the operator's body size, especially as regards the height of the seat, the work surface, the footrest and the position of the monitor. On the worktop, the chair and the footrest you will find information in the article 'Worktop, chair and footrest in the office', so let's talk here about the position of the screen.

Correct posture at the desk: the position of the monitor

When working on the computer or VDT with the monitor resting on the desk, the direction of the gaze must follow a slightly inclined downward line between 35 ° and 60 ° from the horizontal. When moving your gaze horizontally, your eyes should focus on the top edge of the screen or, if your monitor is large, the top of the screen.

If the screen is placed too high or too low, fatigue of the nape, shoulder and upper back muscles may occur due to the wrong position of the neck (head tilted down or towards These problems are prevented by respecting some rules:

  • do not place the screen on top of the system unit (computer) because it would end up being too high;
  • place the computer under the table, also to avoid being disturbed by the noise produced by the fan;
  • raise the monitor with a support if, by placing it on the work surface, its height is insufficient (in the past, telephone directories were used…).

Another rule, not of position but important to prevent work-related stress, is to always keep the monitor slightly tilted to prevent reflection problems.

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