Disposal of printer cartridges

Disposal of printer cartridges: Used toner and cartridges are identified as special non-hazardous waste and must be treated as such. On this page we will see how to dispose of used toner and cartridges.

In the category ofspecial non-hazardous wastethis includes both laser printer toners and inkjet printer cartridges.

There is no shortage of agencies that offer the recall of used tonerbut that service is only free if it comes to reusable cartridges or toner to be regenerated therefore not valid for iribbons or toner bottles for copiers. For the collection of used toner that cannot be reused, it will be necessary to take advantage of a paid collection service or it will be possible to deliver them independently to disposal centers.

Before you seehow to dispose of toner and printer cartridgesit is necessary to give you valid advice: at the next purchase buy printed and cartridges that allow you to bereloadusing an ink kit that can be purchased at any computer or office supply store.

The disposal of used toner and cartridges and non-reusable differs according to the city of origin and according to your company name: offices and companies will have to dispose of them in a different way than the producers waste toner in the home.

Private individuals can provide for disposal of toner and cartridgesexploiting the ecological islands of one's own city; to find out where to deliver this waste, simply contact the information office of the municipality to which you belong.

Companies can contact the city ecological islands or request the service of disposal of special waste offered by several agencies. At this juncture, the withdrawal is free only if it is a good quantity of toner and cartridges that can be reused while, who wants dispose of used toner and cartridges free of charge, he must take the trouble to deliver the waste generated to a collection point of centers specialized in the disposal of special waste.

We remember that dispose of toner and spent cartridges is not an option, companies are obliged to collect for a maximum period of 12 months, within which to dispose of special waste.

Offices, citizens and companies can count on delivery to some points of sale: some retailers collect used toners, ask your dealer for more information.

When the cartridge / toner is reusable

When the cartridge can be refilled, you can do it yourself with the refill kit or ask for regeneration at your dealer and use it for new press runs. Often used toner and cartridges can be reusable but not by refilling, they can be taken apart and recovered.

The cartridges and reusable toners are managed to ensure maximum longevity the disposal scale includes:

  • a check for suitability for reuse
  • disassembly and recovery of mechanical parts
  • disassembly and recovery of parts subject to wear
  • selection of parts subject to wear that are still usable
  • the still suitable components are cleaned and inserted into a new production chain
  • worn parts are replaced with components recovered from other used cartridges and toners

Worn out toneriscartridgesno longer reusable, they are sent for recycling. The cartridges are reduced to fragments and the materials separated into plastics, metals, ink / toner residues and foam. The materials selected in this way are sold and transformed into raw materials for the production of other everyday objects. Generally, the remaining non-recyclable materials and ink or toner residues are used for the production of electricity (waste-to-energy).

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