Feng Shui to furnish the office

Feng Shui in the office: the guidelines for furnishing the office following the principles ofFeng Shui. The advice of oriental decorators.

There are three main schools of thought Feng Shui, there are two traditional Chinese schools while the third is a reinterpretation in keywestern. Regardless of which one Feng Shuiyou decide to practice, you can take advantage of its "basic principles" to improve your career and make the work environment in which you operate more livable.

TheFeng Shuiit has been practiced in Asia for at least 1700 years, while it only became popular in the West in 1980. Feng shui is the means by which we can increase the harmony of an environment. Carrying thefeng shui in the officewe can improve the work environment by optimizingenergiesisspaces. For further information:

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Feng Shui in the office: the entrance

Each area of ​​theofficeit must be free from superfluous and clutter, especially the entrance. The entrance is your business card office, is what customers notice first. The entrance should be linear and free of any obstacles. Even those who work from home should take care of the aesthetics of the entrance and its visibility:

  • Place a floor lamp outside the entrance or two applique lamps on both sides of the door.
  • Add a clearly visible plaque on the door.
  • If the office is very large, add a floor plan of the office outside the door.

If you have a waiting room, the color of the walls can play an important role and should be chosen according to the principles of feng shui but also in correspondence with your profession. Take care to throw away the most dated and tattered magazines, try to update the magazine basket with new newspapers and newspapers.

Feng shui in the office, the desk

Never ever should you turn your back to the door! According to the theories offeng shuiturning your back to the door you could attract negative energies in the workplace. If the layout of the desk is something you cannot control, remedy it with mirrors: position a mirror so that it reflects the entrance and who is behind you.

According to feng shui it would also be inconvenient to sit at the door (on the same floor). Again, you should avoid turning your back to the window or placing the desk at the window with the chair facing the outside. The first position would not support your work while the second, with you facing the window, would attract too many distractions! To have great career support, there should be a solid wall behind you. If your office has a bay window, thefeng shuiproposes to place the desk diagonally, facing the entrance door and with the window to the side. Having a window in the office is important because it removes stress, in the absence of a window you could adopt equally relaxing paintings / paintings.

During business meetings, if the desk is occupied by several users, make sure you get the chair in the northernmost position, according to thefeng shui, it will give you more power and control.

Feng shui in the office, the quality of the air

The feng shui he is very strict when it comes to hygiene and disorder. Do not pile cans on the desk, empty the waste bin on time (every night!) And the chairs must be positioned correctly under the desk every time you get up. The strict order will have to reflect on the quality of the air.

According to what was reported by theEPA, the indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than the outdoor one. To purify the air you do not need any new age remedy, nor a set of healing crystals: to improve air quality you can install an air purifier and / or adopt a plant with filtering properties such as palm tree. Areca.

Feng shui in the office, light

Light is the fundamental sustenance! Install full spectrum and LED lights; LED lighting has proven to be more efficient in all senses, not only in the bill but also in making workers more "alert".

If you cannot change the office lighting, adopt a full spectrum lamp to place on your desk. An excellent example of a full spectrum lamp can be found at a promotional price on Amazon. For more information, please refer to the official product page: OxyLED Full Spectrum Eye Protection Lamp

It is a table lamp with Smart-LED technology (Intelligent Led) that has 5 lighting modes and 5 light spectra.

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