Properties of Citronella

Lemongrass:therapeutic properties, medicinal uses and natural remedies based on lemongrass. From citronella essential oil to DIY candles.

Therelemongrassis an evergreen perennial herbaceous plant, it is native to southern Asi and grows in dense and erect tufts that reach a length of 70-100 cm. There lemongrass it is not edible, so much so that in some areas of Africa it is treated as a weed, especially in areas dedicated to pastures, to promote the growth of more palatable herbs for livestock.

Therelemongrass, botanically known asCymbopogon Nardus, thrives in summer and grows spontaneously throughout southern Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and in areas with a semi-tropical climate.

Therelemongrassit can be used as mulching material or as an excellent straw. From its leaves a precious aromatic oil is extracted, the essential oil of lemongrass.

Her property the most well-known are the repellent ones, however the active ingredients contained in lemongrass have calming and relaxing properties, so much so that in aromatherapy the essential oil of lemongrass it is used to relieve depression and increase concentration: it would seem that lemongrass essential oil can stimulate attention! Useful in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders such as nervous gastritis or stomach swelling, it would seem a good natural remedy to regulate the functioning of the bladder.

L'lemongrass essential oil can be used in the composition of do-it-yourself ointments for relaxing massages: it counts property antispasmodics useful in case of muscle pain and abdominal cramps. It seems to be effective in reducing the ailments related to the irregular menstrual cycle thanks to property antispasmodic.

Its uses in the field of folk medicine see it used to combat flu, fever and infections affecting the respiratory system: lemongrass seems to have an antiviral function.

Its antiseptic properties see it as a good ingredient in the preparation of DIY deodorants. It is useful to use the drops of lemongrass essential oil in the water of the foot bath, to be emulsified with a handful of coarse salt and carefully mixing the water. The foot bath with lemongrass essential oil is recommended for those with sweaty feet.

Where to buy lemongrass essential oil?

The essential oil of citronalle can be purchased at shops specializing in natural products or through online purchases. On Amzon, lemongrass essential oil is offered with free shipping at a price of € 9.99 for the 50 ml bottle, while those looking for greater savings can choose the 200 ml bottle at a price of € 18.99. For more information on the products just mentioned, please refer to the official Amazon pages:

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A few drops of lemongrass essential oil can be added to a neutral shampoo to obtain an anti-dandruff action and counteract oily hair. 20 drops of lemongrass essential oil can be added to 100 ml of a neutral body cream to obtain a natural repellent preparation against mosquitoes and other insects.

DIY lovers can try making onecitronella-based candle.

How to grow lemongrass

Therelemongrassit thrives easily and we can grow it in pots or in the garden. Even those who do not have a vegetable garden can place lemongrass on the terrace or balcony. When grown on the windowsill, lemongrass will naturally repel mosquitoes. When growing lemongrass, keep in mind that the plant does not tolerate water stagnation or an excessively humid climate. Place the pot in a sunny or semi-shaded position.

Lemongrass plants fear the cold so, even if they are perennials, in Italy we can cultivate them as annual plants that thrive especially in summer. The plants, even if ruined by the winter cold, tend to spontaneously re-sprout in the spring.

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