Grow turnip greens

Like cultivate the turnip greens: instructions and suggestions for the cultivation of turnip greens and to harvest excellent organic broccoli.

Ask about the cultivation of broccolior uphow to grow turnip greensit's the same thing: ibroccoliare the inflorescences developed from turnip tops.

Turnip tops or Neapolitan broccoli

Theturnip greensthey are known by several names. Among the most common:

  • broccoli
  • broccoli
  • turnip broccoli
  • broccoli broccoli
  • robberies

The botanical name of theturnip topisBrassica rapa subsp sylvestrisand esculenta variety. In Italy, most of thecultivations of turnip greensit is located between Campania, Puglia and Lazio

Theturnip greensthey are appreciated for their low calories (22 calories per 100 grams) and for the high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Because, sometimes, broccoli are bitter?

It partly depends on the variety ofturnip greenscultivated but a lot depends on the timing of the harvest: to have a sweeter taste, the broccoli (turnip greens) should be picked as soon as they are developed. The more time they spend on the plant, the more the concentration of bitter substances increases.

How to clean turnip greens?

Of theturnip greenswell developed but still young leaves and inflorescences are eaten. To clean the turnip greens, simply remove the oldest and toughest leaves. Of theturnip greensthe leaves, the tender stems and the still closed inflorescences are consumed. The more developed inflorescences are still edible but have a more bitter taste.

How to grow turnip greens

Theturnip greensthey are considered autumn or winter crops because they are able to vegetate and produce with low temperatures. It is possible to startcultivate broccolistarting from sowing or with the transplant. Sowing can begin at the end of summer while transplanting can also be continued in late autumn depending on the climatic zone to which it belongs. If you buy small seedlings to transplant, the planting must be carried out in rows 30 cm apart and 30 cm apart on the same row.

When to harvest turnip greens?

There collection some broccoli can occur during the reproductive phase, when the plant develops stems ending in tender and fleshy inflorescences. At the beginning of cultivation you will notice only a group of basal leaves.

When to sow turnip greens?
The ideal period for sowing is from early September to late November in the South. The right time for sowing is from August to October in the North.

To plan a good harvest, it is possiblecultivatedifferent varieties ofturnip greenswith different development times so as to collect in stages. On the market it is easy to find the so-called "quarantine " which are ready to harvest after 40 days from sowing, as well as the sixties (after 60 days from sowing) andNineties, ready to harvest 90 days after sowing.

The sowing period is generic: keep in mind that theturnip greensthey continue to grow up to only 5 ° C, so for southern Italy they can be considered a first-winter vegetable, but in the North and Center-North they must be grown in autumn.

How to sow broccoli or turnip greens

Broadcast or in rows: the seeds are very fine, 300 - 400 turnip greens seeds weigh only one gram. A good strategy is to sow the rows uninterrupted and then proceed with thinning when the seedlings are at least 4-5 cm tall. If you don't feel like sacrificing too many seedlings, you can transfer them tojarand continue cultivation there, move them to other areas of the garden or give them to neighbors.

In small gardens it is recommended tosow turnip greensin small jars and then continue with the transplant when the plants have reached a height of at least 10 cm.

The sowing of turnip tops in March

It can sow also in March: "The Friarielli against time"
In Naples they call themfririelli against time, in fact, the Quarantina variety can also be grown at the end of winter, when temperatures begin to increase in view of spring.

Turnip broccoli seeds

THEturnip broccolithey are easy to find from agricultural consortia and nurseries: those who live in southern Italy will also easily find plants that have already been developed but for a matter of yield, it is more convenient to buy seeds, germination times, in fact, are not long. Those who live in the North of Italy will have more difficulty in finding the seeds ofturnip broccoli. In any case, those who prefer can take advantage of online trading.

On Amazon, a sachet of 1500 turnip broccoli seeds is offered at a price of 3.99 euros with shipping costs included. For all information I invite you to visitthis Amazon page.

How to grow turnip greens in pots

THENeapolitan friarielliYes they cangrow in pots? Cultivation in planters or pots is not ideal because planting a few plants will not give you a big feast. Theturnip greens, in fact, they need space and, like all vegetables, they lose volume during cooking, therefore a great harvest practiced withcultivation of broccoli in potsit will only give life to a few courses.

Those who do not let themselves be discouraged by surrender can still proceed with thecultivation in pots.

Cultivating the potted turnip greensis simple. The rules to follow are the same as seen above.

Cultivating turnip greens, the video

The following video shows the broadcasting of turnip greens. Contrary to what I saw in the video, we recommend using a better worked seedbed. The preparation of the seedbed is essential especially when cultivating by broadcasting where weeds compete and subtract land and nutrients from our cultivation. The video of the cultivation of turnip greens is shown at the end of the page.

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