Gestation in dogs

Gestation in dogs

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Dog gestation: it is one of the most beautiful and exciting times, especially the grand finale, which is the beginning of much more for the puppies. Everything is relative but it is unequivocal that for the owner of a dog the birth of a litter is also a challenging time and it is not obvious that you want to face it.

Most animals are in fact now sterilized, in part this avoid facing the gestation in dogs it can also come from the need not to incur heat-related diseases or to avoid unwanted pregnancies, very different from hysterical pregnancies Past the gestation in dogsin fact, we have puppies left to give a dignified and intelligent accommodation.

Having said that, and not blaming a priori those who don't feel like being confronted and facing it himself gestation in dogs, we can begin to understand what it entails and its salient moments. It may be that we want this gestation in dogs, perhaps even planned, and it may even be that it happens, due to an unforeseen "accident", and we decide to roll up our sleeves and see what life offers us.

Gestation in dogs: the period in heat

If we start from the beginning of the story, we are talking about the period in which the animal goes into heat. Before the gestation in dogs you have to go through it, and the bitch has a first inspiration between the sixth and tenth month of age and then in the following years there are moments of heat every six months. This is indicative, because it also depends on the breed, as it also happens for the gestation in dogs, and usually everything is delayed in large breeds.

When a young and healthy animal goes into heat, it can be met gestation in dogs, as long as they meet "the right guy at the right time" and they agree to mate. At that point we can begin to choose the names of the puppies or understand where to place them. Often, especially if we have a purebred specimen, the gestation in dogs is sought.

The female, in this case, is often accompanied by mate host of the male for two or three consecutive days to increase the chances of arriving then at gestation in dogs, making it possible to meet during ovulation.

Gestation in dogs: when to expect it

The pregnancy it can last from 58 to 63 days, on average, but as we have said for the heat phase, also for this physiological appointment, it is the breed that changes the times, up to 70 days of gestation in dogs larger.

It doesn't happen like women, to whom one can be done early diagnosis: it is not possible to understand if you are going to meet one gestation in dogs through the blood test, only after the 20th day can you understand something with the relaxin test or theabdominal ultrasound. With this last exam it is also possible to evaluate if the puppies are alive and viable and of adequate size. And the number, for those who are worried about selling them, giving them away or having to keep them even after gestation in dogs.

Gestation in dogs: signs

Only in the last third of the gestation in dogs Body modifications are visible, such as the development of the breasts and the increase in the volume of the abdomen, obviously. The bitch will become more and more nervous and anxious and to reassure her it is advisable to caress her mother's belly often, in addition to talking softly, instilling serenity: it also serves to make the puppies more prone to human contact.

In the previous 2-3 days, characteristic behavioral signs appear gestation in dogs who begin to look for quiet and dark places. The future mother is restless and preparing "the nest", that is, a bed in an undisturbed area of ​​the house, with soft blankets and plenty of rags. We have to give her a hand, with the blankets, at least!

When there are a few days left to give birth in the gestation in dogs, and you feel it, you can monitor the development of the situation by measuring the rectal temperature. It usually drops by about one degree, going from physiological 38.5 ° C to 37.5-37 ° C. In pre-natal period, as soon as we notice gestation in dogs, let's remember that they are not recommended vaccinations and deworming: our future mother will have to rest without exceeding with physical efforts. Although, in any case, a little movement is still recommended.

Gestation in dogs: childbirth

Generally the stage of childbirth for the gestation in dogs it shouldn't last more than 24 hours. It begins with tremors, labored breathing and, at times, vomiting, then uterine contractions arrive that lead to the expulsion of the fetus. Other "symptoms" of arrival of delivery are lack of appetite, restlessness, tachypnea and an increase in the frequency of urination, it is also possible that the dog vomits due to restlessness, not even due to the pressure exerted by the uterus on the stomach.

Here is the moment: expelled the first puppy, then the next one can go from half an hour to a few hours, if more than four hours pass without anything happening better to call the veterinary. He will be able to intervene in the gestation in dogs by administering drugs to help delivery or by performing a caesarean section. Let's not worry, it is better to know, however, that during the expulsion, it may happen that between one puppy and another, or at the end of the birth, there is expulsion of placentas that sometimes the bitch eats.

Gestation in dogs: nutrition

In order not to make the mother fat during the gestation in dogs the quantities of food to be provided must remain the same, except for the last 20 days when the doses may increase and she herself will feel a strong increased appetite, sprint.

In the delicate phase of gestation in dogs it is important to choose healthy foods but not heavy for the physique, for example, and also to supplement with a greater ratio of proteins. Even once the puppies are given birth, nutrition remains of primary importance: the bitch must have plenty of food and water for the rest to be able to feed everyone while breastfeeding, and to regain strength after childbirth.

Gestation in dogs: end of childbirth

At the end of the birth, the final, if not post, phase of the gestation in dogs, she looks after and licks the little ones, nursing them. If there are no complications in the expulsion of the puppies, the instinct is so strong that the mother bitch gets by on her own and feels superfluous.

Indeed, we could even give birth in the bitch moments of aggression: let's not blame it or condemn it, it's a momentary aggression aimed at strenuous defense of puppies in their first days of life of the same. Then, and it will be nice, we will be able to see them move by dragging and turning their heads, looking for the nipple from which to feed only and exclusively through the breast warmth of the mother and her smell.

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