Shea butter for face, body and hair

Shea butter: uses for face, hair and body care. The benefits and properties of shea butter in natural DIY cosmetics.

The uses of shea butter are varied and range from face and hair care up to food supplementation. On this page we will focus on the benefits anduse of shea butter in the cosmetic field. For the benefits of the edible shea butter we refer you to the article entitledShea butter, properties and uses.

Shea butter for face and body care

Theshea butterowes its popularity to the strongpropertyemollient and nourishing, able to make the skin smooth and soft. Among the most common uses we see that the shea butterit is used for moisturizing face masks and to eliminate dry skin on the body. It is used as a massage cream and to soothe chapped lips and strengthen nails, in short, theshea butterhas a thousand and more uses!

Natural, thepure shea buttercan be used asafter shower: protects the skin by counteracting the action of free radicals. It is rich in vitamins A, vitamins E and D: it helps skin pigmentation, helping to maintain a healthy complexion. It protects the skin from chemicals: this is why its use is recommended as a substitute for artificial make-up bases! The shea butter it works as an excellent sanding base to spread before make-up. Thanks to the strong presence of vitamin E, it can be considered a good natural remedy for more superficial facial blemishes.

Protects lips from sun and wind, can be used instead of cocoa butter to nourish lips and prevent damage from winter cold.

Not just emollient massages: the shea butter it can be used to soothe the pain of a sunburn, to moisturize scars or for massages to soothe muscle aches. The shea butter it is a good remedy for muscle pain especially when used in conjunction with rosemary essential oil.

Always talking about thepure shea butter, it can be used as post-depilatory creams both for those who use wax and for those who use the razor, indeed: hair removal with the razor blade can cause small cuts and shea butter helps healing. For the same reason it can be used by men to nourish and protect the skin after shaving.

The moisturizing and emollient action can be useful to fight post-gravity or post-diet stretch marks, as well as to nourish the skin of old scars.

Together with rice starch, shea butter can be useful in the care of the newborn's skin: its emollient properties can relieve and prevent redness associated with the use of the diaper.

Theshea butteris a remedy to strengthen the nails in a natural way, soften the cuticles so as to facilitate their removal and prevent the formation of those annoying "skin".

To tone the facial skin: apply a knob of shea butter and leave it on for 15 minutes, rinse the skin with warm water and enjoy the sensation of softness.

Shea Butter for hair care

To treat hair naturally, shea butter is an excellent ally. In summer, before going to the beach, a knob of shea butter spread on the hair acts as a protective against UV rays, also protecting the hair from damage from salt. The shea butter can be used as a natural detangler, fights dandruff linked to dry scalp, moisturizes and strengthens brittle and brittle hair. Its use is especially recommended for those who use the straightener to straighten the hair: being moisturizing, it has a natural thermoprotective action.

To create an anti-dandruff detangling product, simply add 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to a knob of shea butter: on the one hand you will moisturize the hair and on the other hand to purify the scalp.

Other uses of shea butter for skin care

Those who love DIY cosmetics can take advantage of theshea butterpurefor the preparation of soaps, natural deodorants and creams. For the realization of these DIY cosmetics based on shea butter we refer to the guide articles:

  • DIY deodorant for men and women
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Where to buy the pure shea butter?

Theshea butterit can be purchased in herbalists and shops specializing in the purchase and sale of natural products.

A reliable website after you can buy Shea Butter online is in which you can find both the pure shea butter both the organic shea butter

You can also buy it on Amazon, the safest and most popular e-commerce in the world. At the time of purchase, we recommend that you choose an organic, pure and natural product. For the sake of completeness, we point out the proposal of a pure Shea butter with organic certification.

Unrefined Organic Shea Butter - Certified Organic - 1kg
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The product can bear the Bio mark issued by the Soil Association control and certifying body. The shea butter was produced from natural crops, without the use of chemical pesticides or industrial fertilizers.

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