Best acoustic insulation

Here is the guide to choose thebest sound insulationfor the house, for the floor, for the ceiling or for the walls. Features and performance compared.

Those who live in a condominium or in the city know very well what the choice ofbest sound insulation: car rumble, noises of chairs coming from the upper floor, dogs barking and many sounds that undermine the serenity of the place where we live.

Like thethermal insulation, also the acoustic one is fundamental to guarantee the maximum environmental comfort. Noise is a disturbing signal that in the long run can make us more irritable and stressed.

In Italy, noise pollution is governed by the Prime Minister's Decree of 5 December 1997 while when it comes tosoundproofingin the construction sector, reference is made to Law 447 of 1995. With the progressive improvement of construction materials, the construction world can include a large number of sound-absorbing materials to be used to insulate external walls, internal walls of the house, floor and ceiling.

To insulate the floor, we refer you to the thermoacoustic insulators mentioned in the articles dedicated to the best thermal insulator:

  • Natural thermal insulation
    In general, we can say that natural thermal insulation materials have a high insulating power from both a point of viewthermal, both from an acoustic point of view. For the acoustic insulation of floors, cork felt is recommended. Among the plant-based thermal insulators there are some that can guarantee excellent sound-absorbing properties, we refer above all to porous and fibrous materials such as cork fibers, wood fibers and natural fabrics such as linoleum, jute, hemp. Among the natural thermal insulation materials (but of animal nature), wool also has a good degree of sound absorption.
  • Mineral thermal insulators
    The best mineral thermal and acoustic insulators are those based on rock wool, pumice and vermiculite; these materials thermoacoustic insulatorsthey can be used for wall cavities, attics and attics. They are very versatile and the market offers different applications. In fact, all of themineral thermal insulatorsthey are able to provide good sound insulation, they are available in the form of rolls, mats and sound-absorbing panels.
  • Raw clay
    For the sound insulation of floors, solutions based on raw clay and sound-absorbing materials have been developed.
  • Cellulose fiber
    It is a good thermal and acoustic insulator. The cellulose fiber in flakes can be used for the cavities of walls, ceilings, floors ... there are cellulose fiber-based panels on the market to be used to thermally and acoustically insulate the internal walls of the house.

There is no shortage of special sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels on the market. Other products that are able to guarantee good sound insulation are made with synthetic materials. Synthetic sound absorbing materials have the advantage of being cheaper than those listed so far and of natural origin. Among the acoustic insulating materials we point out those "open cells" such as polystyrene, polyurethane foam ... Among the advantages, in addition to lower cost, we mention the ease of installation.

Best acoustic insulation: lead and rubber

Among the soundproofing materials used for the production of panels and products forsoundproofingwe point out lead and rubber. They have the advantage of presentingthicknessesmore content than the insulators mentioned so far. Lead and rubber-based sound-absorbing materials have the best soundproofing capacity. Rubber has an edge as it is easier to work with and lighter. Those aiming for maximum sound insulation will have to evaluate such products.

There is no shortage on the marketacoustic insulatorsmade by combining different sound-absorbing materials such as natural fibers and rubber or natural fibers and lead. Lead and rubber can be associated with synthetic thermal insulators such as polyurethane and polystyrene. The result is asandwichor godsmatsmulti-layered with high soundproofing power at reduced thicknesses.

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