Lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance: cleaning, re-sowing, fertilizing, irrigation, weeds, moss, how to treat a yellowed lawn, the treatment of diseases and all the advice on lawn care in all seasons of the year.

Our column on lawn care

Thereturf maintenance it is a constant work that varies with the passing of the seasons. On this page we will talk about alllawn care, from the most common turf diseases to re-seeding and moss-related infestations. For specific interventions, please refer to our section dedicated tolawn care:

  • 1). How to cut the turf
    Advice on the height of the cut and the choice of blade to use based on the type of meadow.
  • 5). Sow the lawn
    Advice on the right grass mix to use and the best time to sow and resow your lawn.
  • 6). How to aerate the lawn
    This intervention bylawn maintenanceit must be performed in spring and / or at the end of summer, before the beginning of the autumn season.
  • 7). Rolling the lawn
    Rolling is one of the works of maintenance to be allocated to the lawn in spring.
  • 8). Moss on the lawn

Among the instructions on theturf maintenance, you will find some tips on the best products to use to have a perfect lawn.

Lawn maintenance

From re-seeding the dead lawn to fertilization, from mold prevention to weeding to eliminate weeds from the lawn; Here are all the tips on how to carry out turf maintenance work.

Resow the lawn

Re-sowing is a typical intervention included in lawn maintenance in the fall. With the re-sowing, those portions of lawn that have been ruined by the internal trampling of the summer season are restored. Even among thecareto be allocated tomeadow in springre-sowing may occur: the cold, in some places in Italy, may have caused a thinning of the turf or an uneven growth of the lawn.

Thererenewal sowingof the lawn allows you to get auniform growth and above all homogeneous of the turf. Before sowing, the portions of soil must be prepared by breaking the excessively compact surface layer. The dry parts of the old turf must be eliminated. The entire preliminary work can be done with a simple rake. After distributing the seeds, with the doses indicated on the package, you will have to bury the seeds with a layer of sand or fine earth, you will thenrolland irrigate.

For therollingwe refer you to point 7). of our column onlawn care.

Fertilize the lawn

In autumn and spring, a little fertilizer will help the stressed lawn regenerate and strengthen. In the fall, fertilizer will help your lawn resist the winter cold. In spring it will favor the vegetative restart. In spring it is not always necessary to fertilize while the autumn fertilization of the lawn is strongly recommended: theturfit has returned from frequent cuts, the soil is impoverished by the strong summer vegetative activity and the grass has just returned from a sunny season. It is advisable to fertilize with a nitrogen-rich, slow-release fertilizer such as the “Evergreen” maintenance fertilizer.

Lawn cleaning

Therelawn maintenancedoes not translate only with the cut. In autumn, more than ever, it is necessary to ensure regular cleaning to remove any leaves. The leaves tend to suffocate the grass below, favoring an accumulation of moisture with the consequent development of mold and fungal diseases. Mop the lawn and collect the dry leaves. The leaves can be used for mulching the garden or for home compost.

Weeds and moss in the meadow

In the case of weeds, the turf does not grow evenly. Weeds can be broad-leaved or narrow-leaved. It is important to distinguish them in order to choose the right product to eradicate them. Broad-leaved weeds need a dicotyledonous herbicide, narrow-leaved weeds need a herbicide for graminaceous or monocotyledons. You can find specific herbicides at your trusted retailer or by taking advantage of the online purchase. For example, a selective herbicide for broadleaf weeds is available on “this Amazon page”.

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