Unique model for photovoltaics, all the info

Theunique modelfor thephotovoltaicstreamlines the more substantial procedure envisaged to date to obtain the permit for installation, connection to the electricity grid and commissioning of thephotovoltaic roof.

Theunique photovoltaic modeldoes not replace the acquisition ofpermissionto "build" or to the "communication of start of work" or again, to the authorization for the construction of a photovoltaic roof in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčarchitectural value. The unique photovoltaic modelis valid when there is no subordination to the acquisition of administrative acts of consent, including landscape authorization with the issue oflandscaping clearance to install a photovoltaic roof.

What are the photovoltaic systems that can access the single model

Given that, theunique photovoltaic modelis valid for the installations (adherent or integrated) for which the installation it is not subject to the acquisition of administrative acts of consent, however named, including the landscape authorization.Furthermore thephotovoltaic systemsin order to access the single model, they must comply with these requirements:

  • 1) They must be made at end customers already equipped with active low voltage withdrawal points;
  • 2) They must have a power not exceeding that already available for withdrawal;
  • 3) They must have a nominal power not exceeding 20 kW;
  • 4) At the same time, a request must be made for access to the on-site exchange regime;
  • 5) They must be built on the roofs of buildings in the manner referred to in Article 7-bis, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree no. 28 of 2011; therefore it must be integrated or adherent photovoltaic roofs.
  • 6) There must be no further production facilities on the same pickup point.

How to fill in the single photovoltaic model

The unique model for the photovoltaic roof it is divided into two parts. The first part must be delivered in advance (in advance of the start date of the installation work). The second part can be delivered at the end of the works. The form for requesting connection to the electricity grid and commissioning of the system can be downloaded at the end of this page.

Single photovoltaic model - the first part

The first part of the unique photovoltaic model contains the data of the owner (or whoever has the right to submit the communication), the cadastral data of the property and the description of the intervention: the system diagram must be attached to the first part of the single model. Within 20 days of receipt, the manager will carry out the necessary checks and, if successful, the process will start automatically. If successful, the manager will send a confirmation to the applicant who will have to cover the required charges. The fee to be paid is 100 euros and will be used to cover the installation costs of the metering unit.

Single photovoltaic model - the second part

With the second part of theunique model for photovoltaic systemsthe technical information regarding the type of system will be communicated. The data to be transmitted at the end of the work will concern the brand and model of modules and inverters adopted, types of interface protection systems and any brand of the storage systems installed.

The second part of theunique modelcontains the declaration of compliance of the plant with the relevant regulatory provisions, and of having read and accepted the operating regulations and the on-site exchange contract with the GSE.

Who intendsinstall a photovoltaic roof, in addition to saving on the costs of "administrative support" required by the installer, will be able to take advantage of the tax deductions for building renovations. We remind you that the installation of photovoltaic systems with on-site exchange are compatible with the restructuring bonus which provides for a tax deduction equal to 50% of the costs incurred for the purchase and installation of solar panels on the roof. For more information, please refer to the pages:

  • How the single model works
  • Deductions for building renovations

Module download:
Single photovoltaic model, first and second part

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