Vanilla essential oil

Vanilla essential oil: properties, uses, tips for face, body and aromatherapy care. Where to find it and how to use it.

L'vanilla essential oilit is extracted from the speciesVanilla planifolia, originally from Central America and the West Indies. ThereVanilla planifoliait grows well in a warm and humid, typically tropical climate. Vanilla essential oil is produced mainly from the vanilla crops of Mexico and Madagascar.

L'vanilla essential oilis extracted fromfruits that grow on more mature plants, at least 3 meters in height. The fruits are long pods (about 23 cm) which ripen within 5 months. The vanilla extract, as well as thevanilla essential oilsthey are produced starting from the pods of the plant.

The main chemical constituents of vanilla essential oils are the so-calledvanillin, vanillic acid4-hydroxybenzoic acid and 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde.

The properties of vanilla essential oil

Vanilla essential oil can be used in the food sector but also in the cosmetic and perfume sector. For natural do-it-yourself cosmetics, vanilla oil can be used for hair care.

To make hair soft and silky

Vanilla essential oil brightens hair in a natural way, making it softer, silky and shiny. It helps to detangle even the most neglected and frizzy hair. In the home, it is possible to prepare a do-it-yourself conditioner by mixing different ingredients such as:

  • 30 ml avocado oil
  • 1 drop of rosemary essential oil
  • 1 drop of lavender essential oil
  • 7 drops of vanilla essential oil

Application is simple: dry hair must be massaged with this ointment, paying particular attention to the tips, leave on for 15 minutes and then proceed with a normal neutral shampoo.

In aromatherapy

This essential oil has important properties in the field of aromatherapy. Its beneficial effects can be exploited through diffusion in the environment or thanks to massages. Among the most popular properties we point out the anxiolytic, calming, anti-stress properties ... Vanilla essential oil is suitable for scenting home environments dedicated to relaxation.

As a natural aphrodisiac

A few drops of vanilla essential oil can be added to bedroom linens to take advantage of its aphrodisiac properties.

For a sensual massage, you can add 10 showers of vanilla essential oil in two tablespoons almond oil. Alternatively, you can prepare a bath for two by adding 20 drops of vanilla essential oil to the water in the bathtub. To emulsify, you will need to add the essential oil at the same time as a handful of coarse salt (wet the coarse salt with the essential oil and let it dissolve in the water of the bath).

As an anti-wrinkle

In natural cosmetics, vanilla essential oil can be used for the preparation of do-it-yourself anti-wrinkle creams.

Add 7 drops of vanilla essential oil to a neutral base of 100 grams of face cream. Alternatively, you can prepare a do-it-yourself wrinkle cream by combining 25 ml of Argan oil to 10 drops of vanilla essential oil. Apply to the face staying away from the eyes.

Where to buy vanilla essential oil

Depending on the extraction process, it is possible to find on the marketvanilla essential oilat different concentrations. In herbal medicine it is not easy to find 100% pure vanilla essential oil because usually, for an economic reason, herbalists offer vanilla essential oil already diluted in another vegetable oil. Very common is vanilla essential oil diluted in jojoba oil, this combination can be useful if you want to use vanilla essential oil for relaxing massages or to prepare DIY anti-wrinkle creams.

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