Pneumatic pruning shears

Pneumatic pruning shears

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Pneumatic pruning shears: advantages and disadvantages, opinions, maintenance and all information on prices and alternatives.

Thepneumatic scissors, also commonly known ascompressed air scissors, are recommended only for those who needprunea large number of trees and only under certain conditions. Only not recommended for hobby use because they are expensive and more difficult to manage. On this page we will see what are the advantages and disadvantages of usingcompressed air scissors.

Among the non-manual professional pruning shears are the electric scissors and the pneumatic scissors. Pneumatic ones are widely used forpruningolive trees and fruit trees and also for the pruning of the vine would seem to fear no rivals.

Theprofessional electric scissorsthey would seem heavier because they require the operator to wear batteries and include higher maintenance costs, under penalty of loss of the manufacturer's warranty. Electric scissors would seem more delicate and less suitable for pruning in excessively humid environments, not resistant to rain and, if you do not pay attention to the model, even less powerful. Despite all the defects listed, the pneumatic scissors they are not always preferable to electric ones: even the compressed air scissors they are not without disadvantages, first of all the tube.

Thepneumatic scissorsthey have the advantage of lightness with a weight close to 500 grams, certainly higher than the classics pruning scissors but more contained than the electric scissors that require carrying the battery. They have a double blade that allows clean and precise cuts, without crushing the branches and, for those who intend to buy themcompressed air scissors for vine pruningthere is no shortage of models created for viticulture with elongated blades that facilitate penetration between the shoots.

Thepneumatic scissorsthey are noisier than electric ones but also more efficient. They present itdownsideto require the constant presence of a compressor and a connecting pipe capable of transporting compressed air from themotor-compressorto the real scissors.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the possibility of replacing the classic blades of compressed air pruning shears with i pneumatic hacksaws.

Theprice of pneumatic scissorsit is not excessive in itself, there are decent models that can be bought even for only 150 euros. The deal becomes more expensive when the user does not already have asemi-driving motor compressorand must buy it at the same time as thepneumatic pruning shears. On the market there is no shortage of kits that include pipes, telescopic rods and motor-compressors.

A kit ofprofessional pruningwithpneumatic scissorsit can cost around 1500 - 2000 euros and includes:

  • 250 liter wheeled compressor
  • 4 HP Honda engine
  • telescopic rod to be able to prune and extend the pneumatic shear up to 120 cm
  • 20 meter connecting pipe
  • beating

The price rises slightly when atpneumatic scissorsaccessories are added such as fixed rods, higher telescopic rods (they can reach up to 3-4 meters in height) and the very convenient pneumatic hacksaw.

Unlike theprofessional electric scissorsthat require scheduled and mandatory maintenance, maintenance to be allocated topneumatic scissorsit's simpler: just dry the scissors blades after each use and pick up the edge of the blades to keep the tool always sharp.

For the management ofpneumatic scissorsno maintenance is required but organization: care must be taken to organize the cuts in the best possible way so as not to get in the way of the connecting pipe between the scissors and the motor compressor. The price of the kit also varies according to the type of hose reel which can be manual and electric. When using the pneumatic scissors it will be necessary to evaluate the convenience of starting to prune with the hose completelycarried outand prune in the direction of the position of the motor compressor. Or vice versa, that is to prune from the position of the compressor and gradually, moving away, unwind the tube.

In this context there are no general rules because every plant has its own needs and above all every type of cultivation can require an adequate method, not to mention the habits of those who carry out the work! Before purchasing, it would be advisable to visit a farm that operates withpneumatic scissorsso as to touch any disadvantages to be considered.

To get a little idea about the compressed air scissors on the market, we refer you to the Amazon Store, even if the market leader seems to be theLisam. Air Scissors on Amazon.

In the photo above, the Lisam pneumatic scissors from

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