Bmw i5, release and previews

BMW i5: advances on price, release and technical sheet of thei5, L'electric carnew generation from BMW.

In the beginning, theBMW i5was designed as the evolution in suv formatof the smallest electrici3. According to the authoritative German portalautobild.deplaying at home, the manufacturer would have taken a different path: theBMW i5it wouldn't be aelectric suvbut onesedanfour-seater with an attractive and refined design.

Hard to believe in launching oneelectric berlinona, also because the namei5brings to mind the images of the mighty x5 suv of the Munich brand. What is certain is that thanks to new technologies, thebmw i5will be equipped with aextended autonomy, higher volumes and lower costs but not accessible to everyone.

The number ofelectric cars on the marketit is destined to rise by exploiting the hybrid as a link between the two opposite power poles. Several European governments, including Germany, are pushing towards electric mobility. In Germany, the regulatory plan that moves towards German mobility led by the Merkel administration will see a park of electric cars in circulation equal to one million units by 2020. In this scenario, BMW would seem to be the country's favorite.

Sure, the Mercedes has a much richer range of electric cars (for more information, read my road tests:Mercedes electric cars) but according to the latest rumors, it will be theBMWto bring the first model ofelectric car with high autonomy.

The Bavarian leaders are not unbalanced but affirm that the new technologyextended range electricit will be ready soon. According to our forecasts, the high-range electric technology will debut on the market between 2017 and 2018. Too bad for those hoping for a more imminent release of the BMW i5: although many fellow bloggers speak of spring 2016, the new BMW i5 it will not be ready before 2017 while forautobild.dewill only be released in 2019.

For now, the only official announcement from the Munich manufacturer comes from Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Directors and executive of the Sales and Marketing Division at BMW:

More and more stringent regulations oblige us to drastically cut emissions. The path we will take will be in this direction: this is why we have the development of new 'i' models in our notebook: later we will be able to disseminate our projects in detail.

Throwing a glance at what are the projects in the pipeline of BMW, you notice the cari5. It will be right thereBMW i5the firstelectric car with high autonomyand while in Germany there is talk ofHigh-end four-door sedanit is much more likely that it will be asuv.

With theBMW i5the German house will have to outclass the new oneAudi Quattro e-Tronand it will have to stand up to high-end competition like Tesla's Model X.

Bmw i5, technical sheet

While we await official data on the release date (it will go on sale between 2017 and 2018), we can provide you with preliminary information on what the technology will belong range.

With the extended range electrical system it is assumed that theautonomyof the BMW i5will be at least300 km. The extended range will then have to take into account other transportation needs, namely a passenger compartment that can comfortably accommodate five people and a spacious and adequate trunk. The platform of theBMW i5it will have to allow the stowage of the batteries under the floor so as to offer transport solutions similar to what SUVs powered by classic fuels do.

It is impossible to venture hypotheses of power even if autobid tries it by hypothesizing a 225 HP electric motor combined with 75 kWh batteries that should guarantee the electric car a range of about 400 km.

For my driving experience of the BMW i3 I refer you:Bmw i3, opinions and specifications.

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