Cutting of Piracanta, instructions

Cutting of piracanta: instructions on how to reproduce Pyracantha by cutting. From the right period to advice to increase the chances of taking root.

Of thepiracanta, the most common species are Pyracantha coccinea, Pyracantha crenulata and Pyracantha angustifolia; regardless of the cultivated species, all of them can be multiplied bycutting.

Therepiracantait produces small flowers that develop into very lively colored berries. Piracanta is a shrub that can easily be grown in the garden. For all information on how to grow piracanta, advice on care, pruning and hedge cultivation, we refer you to the article Piracanta, perfect for the hedge and beautifying the garden.Therepiracantain fact, it can be used as an element of separation between two areas of the garden, to upholster the perimeter railings or to create a hedge.

In the article just mentioned, we have described how to proceed with the planting of thepiracantaboth for the hedge and for beautifying the garden, we have described the needs of light and soil. On this page we will focus onreproduction by cutting of the piracanta.

When to make the cutting of piracanta: the right period

The recommended period to proceed with the propagation of this plant by cuttings falls in late spring or early autumn for northern Italy and central-northern Italy, while in the south and central-south it can be done in early spring or late autumn.

Cutting of piracanta, how to make

Seed propagation ofpiracantait is rather slow and does not always give satisfactory results. The sowing period falls in spring or autumn. Sowing can also be performed in winter as long as it takes place in a protected environment. For sowing, freshly picked berries can be used to be crushed slightly before planting. It will take several months before sprouts appear. After sowing it will be necessary to wait a year with slow growth and only from the second year thepiracantait will begin to develop faster.

In order not to wait two years, you can start thecultivationwith the cutting of piracanta.

Multiplication by cuttings is simpler and undoubtedly faster. Be sure to take the cutting from a plantmotherhealthy, robust and strong. How to do?

  • - 1) Choose a healthy branch and take it for a total length of 20 cm.
  • - 2) To increase the chances of taking root, at the moment of incision of the branch, cut it with an oblique section and not with a clean horizontal cut. This way it will rise to the rooting surface.
  • - 3) Make a clean cut with well-sharpened scissors that you have previously sterilized.
  • - 4) To encourage rooting, wet the base of the twig with a rooting product for woody cuttings such as the “Verde vivo” rooting powder, offered on Amazon with free shipping at a price of € 12.60.
  • - 5) Place the twig in a mixture of peat and sand in proportions of 50%.
  • - 6) Carry out the planting only when the cutting has given the first signs of vegetative recovery.

Tips to help the pyracantha cutting take root: when you take the cutting, remove the apical part of the branch, leave only one or two leaves.

When using the root, read the instructions on the purchase package, I personally used this root with full satisfaction, it was enough for me to wet the part of the engraved branch before putting it in the mixture of peat and sand. For the cutting, you can use a pot with a diameter of 15 cm.

After 50-60 days you will see the first shoots appear from thecutting of piracanta. You can then continue with the planting in the open field.

Multiplication by cuttings

There reproduction of the pyracantha it was not the first propagation by cuttings that we have dealt with. Below we recommend some guides on how to cut the most common garden plants.

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