Electricity bill, what changes in 2016

Electricity bill 2016: all the news starting from the energy bonus, discounts and rebates, without forgetting the introduction of the Rai fee in the electricity bill.

How many of us would like to hear al newscast a sentence like"Starting from January 1, 2016, the electricity bill was abolished and energy will be free for everyone". To me for sure! The only way to eliminate the electricity bill consists in relying on photovoltaic energy, otherwise for this 2016 we must be satisfied with the planned reductions.

Yes, after years of increases, the electricity bill will suffer a slight decline with this 2016 and small discounts are also available for those who switch toonline electricity bill.

Cost reduction in electricity and gas bills

Theenergy bills, with this 2016, they saw an update of the reference economic conditions for families and small consumers under the protection regime. This category, for the first quarter of 2016, will see a significant reduction in prices onelectricity billand on the gas bill.

The estimated reduction amounts to - 1.2% forelectricity billsand a good 3.3% on gas bills. If these seem very low percentages, console yourself by thinking that at the end of the year you will save 60 euros on your bill.

If you want to save further on your energy bills, I invite you to read the guide articleHow to save on your electricity bill.

Electricity bill too expensive

The consumptions that most affect the electricity bill are those related to the use of large energy-intensive appliances: oven and water heater. If you suddenly started receiving very high bills, do not rule out the presence of energy losses or the possibility that someone could literally "steal your electricity". With this premise, we invite you to deepen the topics by reading our indications:

  • How to choose the oven to save on the bill
  • Electric water heater and energy saving
  • Leakage of electric current
  • Electricity theft

Electricity bill online

As stated, a smallsavingsis also provided for those who switch tobill 2.0. With 2016, the electricity bill will be easier for everyone to read: it will consist of a single, more streamlined and easy-to-understand sheet. Those who choose to receive the electricity bill online, giving up the paper form, will cut the management and shipping costs. In particular, for users in the higher regimeProtection who choose to debit the electricity bill on their current account, there is a discount of about 6 euros per year.

The Rai license fee is paid with the electricity bill

Other Announcementswhich has caused a lot of discussion, is the payment of the Rai 2016 fee charged directly to the energy bill. The amount to be paid for the 2016 Rai Fee amounts to 100 euros.

TheRai fee 2016had to be included in the electricity bill in solutions of 10 monthly installments, the first installment of the Rai license fee was paid in the first two months of the year .... Unfortunately, due to delays in the procedure, the payment of the Rai fee in the electricity bill it will be spread differently and the 10 installments of 10 euros loaded into the bill are postponed for 2017!

The first installment of the Rai license will be paid in July and will be 70 euros charged to the electricity bill.

The fee will be included in the bill for the supply of electricity and indicated with a separate item in order to be recognized by the other amounts charged on the invoice (consumption, VAT, management costs ...).

Save on your energy bill, the 2016 electricity and gas bonus

There is agas and electricity bonuswhich allows you to get discounts on your electricity bill as well as on your gas bill. The support is aimed at families with financial difficulties. In order to benefit from the2016 electricity and gas bonuscertain income or family unit requirements must be met. To find out all the conditions for accessing the concessions and discounts on the energy bill, I invite you to consult the dedicated pageElectricity and gas bonus 2016.


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