Getting around the city

Getting around the city

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Getting around the city, nothing simpler, nothing more complex. Getting around the city it is an action in continuous evolution, whether we like it or not, we cannot remain of the same idea, times change and it is necessary to adapt our modalities with the external, environmental, economic and political conditions that are. So here is a book to not lose the step, indeed, to make many ahead. Is titled "Getting around the city" and to publish it are the careful ones Ambiente editions putting the topic on everyone's lips in recent months, in the hands of Anna Donati and Francesco Petracchini.

The first traffic jam due to pollution dates back to 1991, since then there has been no peace and there seems to be none move around the city that's fine. That it is comfortable but also with low environmental impact. There is a compromise but it cannot be found, it passes through many Urban traffic plans, the ztl and the pedestrian areas, undertakes cycle paths, lays out new tram and metro networks, begins telematic controls, but the compromise escapes.

And the how move around the city becomes a much more difficult choice than the question "today will I take the bike or go by subway?". "Dear, to go to the super you give me a ride in the car or I go on foot because I take a few things?". No, it is now clear that it is one choice of field. On the road, and not on the road topographically, but idealistically by planning.

Meanwhile, cars are no longer necessarily owned, and neither are bicycles, but they could become traceable and less stolen. THE transport of goods in small areas they are also made on the pedal, the cars are also electric, appear patchy, and almost as rare as a black tiger, areas at 30 km / h.

The way of move around the city begins to no longer be an anarchist and individual choice but guided by Pums and by regional or municipal policies, conditioned by the services that the city provides us but also by incentives that tempt us to take one route, the green one, rather than another.

This volume tells how the move around the city has changed without making a simple excursus to cover the latest developments, but rather describes with one open minded and simple but very accurate language, what has been done, is being done and can be done.

The move around the city it also depends a lot on the city, and it is valid to copy oneself between cities if moving within them becomes a competition to facilitate the citizen and to obtain good results on the environment side. Anything is valid to make a valid choice on how move around the city. There is a great deal of work to be done both for those who "decide" on the other and for those who "decide" at ground level whether to take a bus or get on a bike or turn the key in the dashboard.

A lot of work but in which to put a lot of head and document yourself, learn, compare experiences and do not try to complete only a few. The choice of policies on how move around the city they must not be a wandering, a perpetual wandering that consequently leaves us citizens in the decision-making magma or in the conditions of choosing at random or where the need of the moment suggests going. No, "Getting around the city" it is a book that tells us "enough", looks at the present to think about the future. And very explicitly it tells us that it is time to "move" to act.

Today, like tomorrow, but better today, I recommend this volume. You don't need to be an industry expert to read "Moving around the city" (Environment Editions - 2015), on the contrary, it is a way to then approach with greater awareness the many news and impromptu declarations that cross our lives, newspapers and news programs. You can find it here with a movement of the index, click.

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