Rai license fee in the electricity bill

Rai license fee in the electricity bill: how to pay, how it works and what are the amounts to be paid with the fee. All information on the 2016 Rai Fee.

As announced in the article dedicated to the news of theElectricity bill 2016, from this year, among the items that we will find on the invoice there will be those dedicated toRai license fee. Yes, from this year the amount of the Rai fee will be "loaded" on the electricity bill. The state premise is this:anyone who has an electricity network, has a TV and therefore has to pay the fee.

Rai 2016 license, what changes

The amount to be paid with theRai fee 2016amounts to 100 euros and not 113.50 as last year. Payment will not be made with dedicated postal bills as usual, but by using the billing of the electricity bill. Another novelty, theRai license feeit will be paid in installments, for everyone.

For 2016, the first charge of theRai fee in the billwill take place at the same time as the first electricity invoice issued after 1 July 2016. The amount of Rai license fee it will be shown on the invoice with a distinct and easy to identify item.

Rai license fee, how does it work?

As anticipated, therai fee 2016it will be paid in installments for all. In reality, the Renzi government had planned to apply the rai fee starting from the first energy bill of 2016, applying small amounts for each bimonthly bill. Unfortunately, the measure started late so only for 2016 the Rai license fee will start to be paid in July and with fewer installments.

The first installment of the Rai 2016 license fee will be paid with the July bill and will amount to 70 euros. The remainder (€ 30) will be applied to subsequent invoices by October 2016.

Who does not have to pay the Rai license fee

Those who do not pay the Rai license fee are those who are over 75 years of age and have a total income (between spouses) of no more than 8,000 euros per year. There are already many "crafty people" who, in order not to pay the Rai license fee, have registered the electricity user to the eldest of the family to take advantage of the Rai fee exemption dedicated to over 75s.

Those who do not believe they possess the suitable requirements for the payment of the 2016 Rai Fee have the opportunity to request exemption. The exemption from the RAI fee is requested with a simple self-certification to be communicated to the Revenue Agency. The self-certification must be sent by registered letter with return receipt to be sent to the Revenue Agency S.A.T, TV Subscription Desk, Turin 1 Office, Post Box 22, CAP 10121 - Turin. Alternatively, they can go to the nearest Revenue Agency counter.

Pay the Rai fee online

It is not possible to pay the Rai fee separately online with a smartphone, tablet or PC: the payment of the Rai fee must necessarily take place simultaneously with the payment of the electricity bill. It is possible to pay the amounts of the electricity bill online, including the Rai fee. Indeed, for those who decide on electronic invoicing there is a saving of about 6 euros per year.

With 2016, the electricity bill will be easier for everyone to read: it will consist of a single, slimmer and easier to understand sheet. Those who choose to receive the electricity bill online, giving up the paper form will cut the management and shipping costs. In particular, for users in the higher regimeProtection who choose to debit the electricity bill on their current account, there is a discount of about 6 euros per year.

To pay the electricity bill online (including the Rai fee) it is possible to use the serviceHome Bankingmade available by your bank or post office, in association with the user code and password issued with the current account number.

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