Coprophagia in dogs: causes and remedies

Coprophagia in dogs: causes and remedies

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Coprophagia in dogs: this term defines the bad habit of ingesting excrement. Dogs often have it, much less cats. It is the bosses who have a big problem with it, and rightly so, because it can have unpleasant consequences, apart from the scene itself. Owners of dogs suffering from coprophagia.

There are remedies for the coprophagia in dogs, there are causes to know, there are even simple and completely natural remedies before despairing. There are three types, the'Autocoprophagia it is the form of coprophagia in the dog that eats its own excrement, then there are the intraspecific and interspecific coprophagia in dogs.

It is easy to say: the first is when a dog eats the feces of another dog, or in general an animal eats those of another but of its own species. On the other hand, when the faeces swallowed are from an animal of a different species, cat or rabbit, for example, or whatever, then the coprophagia in dogs becomes interspecific.

Coprophagia in dogs: psychological causes

Among the first psychological causes of coprophagia in dogs there is the search for attention. As often other “condemnable” gestures, this too can be explained as a way to make the master's gaze fall upon himself. Another very probable cause is the principle of imitation. One moment: not that the dog imitates the coprophage man - which I suppose is not very common - but it imitates us in its own way, collecting the feces in its own way that we make disappear, perhaps armed with a shovel and a broom or a bag. Also by imitation it may be that a dog finds himself wanting to imitate another coprophage dog, yes that can happen.

A different instinct is what drives a dog to ingest puppy droppings: it is a sort of manifestation of motherly love and the desire to keep the kennel clean with all the dogs. A dog, often male, who finds himself living without kinship ties with another dog that is more psychologically "strong" could be an example of coprophagia in dogs as a sign of submission.

Hard to believe but there is also coprophagia in "gourmet" dogs: dogs that taste feces and also lick their whiskers. Yes, and I will tell you that, strange but true, it often happens with cat droppings. Due to hunger and a lack of particular nutritional principles, coprophagia occurs in the canine world: this can also happen.

All the more reason that it is necessary to feed our 4-legged friends in a balanced, regular, healthy and constant way. In addition to the psychological causes, at the origin of coprophagia in dogs there may also be specific health problems such as pancreatic insufficiency, pancreatitis, intestinal infections, malabsorption syndrome or even excessively fatty foods. In most of these cases, the diarrhea.

Coprophagia in dogs: natural remedies

The first natural remedy for coprophagia in dogs it is waiting. Sometimes letting the time pass everything works out and even in this unpleasant case. If the coprophagia persists it is better to go to the vet who will be able to suggest particular remedies and above all examine the state of health of our animal.

Meanwhile, here are some natural remedies and common sense tips to prevent our walking partner from eating feces. A bit diabolical, but there is that of alter the flavor sprinkling the stool with a spice or sauce. This way the dog shows a tendency to coprophagia he is disgusted by both the taste and the smell and stops. brambles disgusting both to smell and taste.

The spiciness that many suggest does not always work, I know of desperate people who have achieved the opposite effect. I do not recommend using chemical elements - in case ask the veterinarian first - and I prefer homeopathic ones like pumpkin, mint, papaya, anise, pineapple.

A simple remedy to avoid the coprophagia in dogs is to clean immediately by removing the feces from his eyes and jaws, without possibly letting us see. If he catches us, he can always be distracted and, when he gives up, reward him for not succumbing to the habit of coprophagia in dogs.

Since it can sometimes be a way to get attention, the coprophagia in dogs, then it is forbidden to give too much attention to the animal that I made magic. Equally not recommended is to scold him or punish him while providing him with muzzle it can be a winning move especially if coprophagia proves to be a hard habit to abandon.

The muzzle is also useful because in the long run, eating the feces of other animals can lead to ingesting harmful parasites. For example, in the case of cat feces the danger lurks behind the coprophagia in dogs is toxoplasmosis. Other intestinal parasites or viral diseases such as hepatitis, parvo, and toxoplasmosis are a danger.

Last natural remedy I suggest, perplexed but ready to try them all against the coprophagia in dogs, are Bach flowers. Following this idea, the composition of essences should focus on aspects such as anxiety, boredom and request for attention. THE Bach flowers indicated to treat the coprophagia in dogs would therefore be Agrimony (anxiety), Heather (request for attention), Impatens (anxiety), Rescue Remedy (for its tranquilizing action). The right floral formula must be composed and administered with 4 drops 4 times a day.

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