Electric cars 2016 and 2017

Electric cars 2016 and 2017

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Electric car news 2016: the list of electric cars on the market in 2016 and an anticipation of what electric cars will be released in 2017.

The protagonists of theelectric cars 2016I am already sailedNissan Leafand the unprecedentedTesla Model 3.On the occasion of theNaias, the all-American auto show of Detroit,there are many innovations with electric propulsion presented.

Chevrolet Bolt EV, in Italy will be launched by Opel

By now all car manufacturers are concentrating their efforts (and investments) in the sector ofgreen car. At Detroit, the spotlight will be on the Chevrolet Bolt Ev. The Bolt Ev could be a breakthrough car, with the aim of bringing extended range to the general public at affordable prices. We recall that Chevrolet has withdrawn from the European market for some time but there are good hopes that the Bolt Ev will also arrive in Italy, presented however, with another name and marketed with the Opel license plate. In the United States, the Chevrolet Bolt Ev will be among the electric cars on sale in late 2016 with a range of 320 kilometers and a price of around $ 30,000. In Italy, the Opel signed version could arrive in 2017.

Audi e-Tron, the electric suv

The next few years will be characterized byelectric suvs. These include the Audi proposal with the e-Tron. This SUV, already exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is counted among theelectric cars to be released in 2016. Audi will take advantage of 2016 to fully define the issue of zero emissions and make the final aesthetic touches for the next Sport Utilities Vehicle. For 2016, the Q7 e-Tron car is expected, the SUV with hybrid propulsion.

Volkswagen e-Microbus, the six-seater electric car

Also in the context of the all-American show on 11 January 2016, the Volkswagen e-Microbus was placed. More than an electric car, we can speak of a six-seater vehicle, as the name suggests, an electrically powered microbus. To become attractive to the public, the German brand has announced a range of over 300 kilometers. Volkswagen, after the scandal linked to diesel engine emissions, has signed a series of agreements committing itself to the utmost on environmental sustainability and investing fully in electro-mobility. No release dates have been announced about the e-Microbus six-seater car, from the first rumors it is assumed that full-scale production will start in 2017.

Electric cars 2016

If those just listed are theelectric carsthat we will see on our roads in the coming years, there are the cars that will characterize the marketautomotive2016. To list them, let's take a step back and see the ranking ofbest selling electric cars 2015. This ranking was published byUnrae and sees the Nissan Leaf in the lead followed by the more accessible Renault Zoe which at the end of 2015 reached the new generation with more range and improved performance. The ranking of the best-selling electric cars sees:

  1. Nissan Leaf
  2. Renault Zoe
  3. Citroen CZero
  4. Smart ForTwo Ev
  5. Tesla S
  6. BMW i3
  7. Mercedes B-Class electric
  8. Volkswagen e-Up!
  9. Kia Soul Ev
  10. Fiat 500E

Between electric cars 2016 the Nissan Leaf will not be the only Nissan flagship, the Japanese manufacturer will aim to promote the 7-seater ENV200 Evalia vehicle.

For those who love the high-beam electric, among premium cars, in addition to the futuristic BMW i3 and the classic electric B-Class, users can aim for theTesla Model 3.

For 2016, the French manufacturer Renault confirms its proposals Twizy ZE, Kangoo, the sedan Fluence ZE and the Renault Zoe which can now boast the title of best electric car for the family.

For the list of all electric cars for sale, I refer you:electric cars on the market.

For my road tests of the electric cars on the market:

  • Mercedes electric cars
  • BMW i3

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