Washing machine maintenance, cleaning and efficiency

Washing machine maintenance, cleaning and efficiency

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Washing machine maintenance: the washing machine is a household appliance that is very subject to the formation of limescale: this happens because our waters are very hard! What about bad smells coming out of the washing machine? In fact, it may happen to find our clothes just out of the washing machine impregnated with strange smells.

In addition to the limescale that settles in the filters, residues of dirt, bacteria, small parts of fabrics and fibers lurk in the washing machine, consequently causing the breakdown of our appliance but also smelly laundry. Excessive humidity also leads to the formation of mold which can be found both in the door seal and in the detergent and softener cassette. To avoid all this it is good to perform periodic maintenance on your washing machine, let's see how.

Washing machine maintenance, filter check
At least once every three months, remove the filter and clean it thoroughly. If there is a lot of dirt and limescale deposits, soak it in a solution of 200 grams of citric acid in a liter of demineralized water.

Washing machine maintenance, vacuum washing
Once a month, do a vacuum wash in the washing machine at 60 degrees, adding a solution based on citric acid or vinegar in the detergent basket: if you opt for vinegar, pour 500 ml and choose the apple one, 5% acid, therefore less corrosive than the classic one. If you prefer citric acid, pour 100 ml of solution.

Washing machine maintenancee, gaskets and trays
Once every two months, clean the seals and detergent and softener compartments with an eco-friendly all-purpose product. If they have mold, clean with a solution containing 500 ml of water, 50 ml of citric acid and 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate.
Useful recommendation: every time you finish washing, do not close the door, but leave it open to allow drying. Another important recommendation is to use ecological detergents and to avoid frequent washing with a low load: it is better to use the washing machine with a full load, in this way you will also save on the electricity bill.
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