Deadly poisonous mushrooms

Deadly poisonous mushrooms: the list of poisonous and deadly mushrooms that grow on Italian territory and tips to distinguish them.

There are fewpoisonous mushroomsand mortals who thrive on Italian territory, yet every year there are hundreds of cases of intoxication due to the ingestion of mushrooms and there are no shortage of deaths. In autumn 2014, within 90 days, there were 2 deaths and 220 cases of intoxication, many even serious with complications affecting the liver and the need for intensive care.

Find out if a mushroom is poisonous or edible

Know before consuming

When you go hunting for mushrooms, if the harvest has brought success, users should check the edibility of the mushrooms bringing a sample for verification to the ASL. Most Italian mushroom pickers don't have them checked before consuming them. This is why the cases of poisoning and intoxication are very high.

Poisonous mushrooms claim victims every autumn, from the mildest intoxication to the most serious cases that sometimes end in the death of the consumer.

The worst thing is that this trend does not seem to change: experts say that mushroom poisoning continues to repeat itself every year, despite the alerts and mycological control services active free of charge at public health companies.

How to tell if the collected mushrooms are edible? Simple, just take advantage of the active mycological control at the ASL of your local jurisdiction. The service is free and the mycologist will be ready to answer all your curiosities.

Deadly poisonous mushrooms, the list

As stated, in Italy, there are not many ideadly poisonous mushrooms which thrive in wetlands. At a European level, according to statistics, the cases of documented poisoning would be about 10,000 every year. Cases of deaths related to the ingestion ofdeadly mushroomsthey would see a European average of about 300 per year. The list of deadly poisonous mushrooms opens with a species very similar to the common champignon, namely Amanita verna, which with its white hat can deceive.

The Amanita verna thrives in spring and can be distinguished from the edible champignon by its enlarged volva which is completely buried. It is adeadly poisonous mushroomalso known by the names ofSpring Amanitaor Tignosa

Othersdeadly poisonous mushroomsare the Amanita virosa, nicknamed, for its resemblance to an edible mushroom, such asmalefic eggorfalse ovolo or againobvious. It grows in coniferous or broad-leaved woods, it is not very widespread but still claims victims. It's apoisonous and deadly mushroom like theAmanitide phalloides and verna. Again, the mushroom can be confused with common champignons.

Others deadly poisonous mushroomsthey are Amanita phalloides or greenish moth. This mushroom is the deadliest: 50 grams are enough to cause death. Again, deaths arise because this deadly mushroom resembles several edible mushrooms. The confusions occur when the collector believes he has taken a good egg, still enclosed in its volva, or, due to its color which strongly resembles Russula virescens, the well-known Verdone. The Verdone is easily distinguished from thedeadly fungusAmanita phalloid because it does not possess the volva or the ring. It is a mistake made very superficially, a mistake which however turns out to be fatal.

Otherdeadly fungusit is the Cortinarius orellanus, commonly called Orellano cortinario. It is apoisonous mushroomvery dangerous andmortal. The intoxication has a long incubation so the outcome can manifest itself several days after ingestion.

To conclude the list ofdeadly poisonous mushrooms in Italy, we point out the Lepiota cristata, also known as drum mace, cucamela or bubbola. It causes intoxications similar to those of the aforementioned Amanita phalloides. All small species of the genus Lepiota are poisonous. Be careful in collecting miniature drum bats. Edible drum bats are only the very large ones.

Poisonous mushrooms, the list

Below is the list of poisonous mushrooms that can lead to serious complications but, generally, do not lead to death.

  • Agaricus xanthodermus, false champignon
  • Amanita muscaria, malefic egg
  • Amanita pantherina, Brown moth
  • Boletus Satanas, maleficent porcino, Bolè Frè
  • Boletus purpureus, maleficent porcino, Bolè Frè
  • Coprinus atramentarius, ink fungus, cover
  • Entoloma sinuatum, livid entoloma
  • Gyromitra esculenta, False morel
  • Hypholoma fasciculare, false family, false nails
  • Lactarius torminosus, colic peveraccio
  • Omphalotus olearius, olive mushroom
  • Paxillus involutus, Carcateppa
  • Ramaria formosa, White hand
  • Russula emetica, red colombine
  • Scleroderma citrinum, wolf chest
  • Tricholoma pardinum, brindle agaric
  • Tricholoma schiades, false tufted duck

If you pick mushrooms, remember to check the ASL for free, it costs you nothing and can save your life.

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