Moto Touring, which one to choose?

Moto Touring, which one to choose?

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That ofmotorcycleit is a completely subjective choice, you have to extricate yourself from personal needs, wallets and tastes! If you want to buy onemotorcyclereliable with which to face long journeys and business trips, the forced choice involves a modelTouring, Yes butwhich one to choose? The answer could give rise to an endless debate, we must consider many criteria such as reliability, load capacity, comfort (possible windshield, seating position, saddle ...), price range and liveliness of the engine.

In short, understandwhich Moto Touring to chooseit is a difficult task! The choice of one or another model essentially depends on your priorities and your style. Someone might advise not to buy oneTouring motorcyclewith less than 750 cc, but the mentality "Bigger is Better "I think it's pretty past! I know people who travel all over Europe with "only" 750 cc!


The first piece of advice we can give is not to be influenced by power: there are 1,200 cc bikes that are too heavy with which you lose the driving fun. Themotorcyclefrom the smaller displacement they have better handling and are also more agile. Sure, it's great to go fast but the roads are not just straight lines! The reality is that there is no affinity between the skill of the driver and the speed of the engine: the ability to manage amotorcyclecomes into play when cornering. Many riders delude themselves that they are smart only because with their powerful bikes they can reach high speeds… on a straight road!

Having clarified that power is not a priority, let's move on to the true criteria forto chooseat best oneTouring motorcycles:reliability, price, load capacity and comfort. Reliability goes hand in hand with the price. ATouring motorcyclewill have to accompany you on long journeys, choosing a second-hand vehicle must not be at the expense of vehicle reliability and above all, never and I mean, never forget to carry out proper vehicle maintenance.


The load capacity is crucial: during the trip, do you intend to stay in a campsite or hotel? With camping you will have a clear need for extra space. Another essential question to ask concerns the lengths traveled ... how many kilometers do you intend to travel at a time? From here you will have to take a look at the tank capacity and above all at the fuel efficiency ... it is good to save money at the time of purchase but if this is to be translated into higher operating costs, I don't think it is worth it.

Comfort begins with the driving position and vehicle stability. What is the maximum height of the saddle of the Touring motorcyclethat you have sighted? Can you drive it safely? ManyTouring motorcyclethey have an adjustable seat, others, on the other hand, can be lowered by one or two centimeters by changing the aftermarket suspension. Theremotorcycleit must be comfortable otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the journey! There is usually a big compromise between sportiness and comfort, in short, plus the motorcycleit will have the appearance of a sports car and will be less comfortable on very long journeys!


Once you have clarified the selection criteria, you are ready to to chooseyourTouring motorcycle. Here are some interesting models:
Kawasaki 1400 GTR
Yamaha FJR1300 - FJR1300A
Yamaha FAZER 8 (versatile)
Kawasaki Z1000SX Tourer
Suzuki GSX1250F ABS Traveler
Triumph Trophy SE
Yamaha FZ1 Fazer ABS
BMW K1300 R (naked with character Touring)

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