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How to mount the heat reflective panels

How to mount the heat reflective panels

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THEheat reflective panelsthey are positioned behind the radiators and are characterized by a slender structure in expanded polyethylene, an insulating, heat-resistant, fire-retardant and non-toxic material. The expanded polyethylene is covered with an aluminum sheet which, thanks to its silver surface, manages to "heat reflective” the heat produced by the calorific, avoiding dispersions.

The radiator brackets are placed in such a condition that only a few centimeters are interposed between the radiator and the rear wall. Aheat reflective element placed at such a short distance would be able toreflectmost of the heat towards the radiator itself, and then towards the inside of the house.


For this reason, a good oneheat reflective elementit must have maximum efficiency in the smallest footprint. THEheat reflective panelscommercially available have a thickness that can vary a lot, better orient yourself on the purchase of aheat reflective panelwith a thickness not exceeding 3-6 mm.

THE heat reflective panels for radiators they must be placed behind the radiator, right in the portion of the rear wall. THE heat reflective panels can improve the performance of radiators by about 10% so as to increase the energy efficiency of the entire building. The amount of energy transmitted by radiation from a panelit can be relevant even at low temperatures;


THEheat reflective panelsthey cost just under 10 euros per square meter. On the web, there are those who recommend building them on your own with tissue paper, placed over a layer, as thick as possible, of EPS insulating material, on top of which a sheet of polyethylene coupled with aluminum will have to be glued. As an alternative to heat reflective panelsfor radiators it is possible to directly use the rolls of insulation that are used for radiant floors, making these small changes.

THEheat reflective panelsthat are on the market are very easy to mount, most of the time it will not even be necessary to remove the radiator.

In the photo, the assembly instructions provided

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