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When to sow and where on the terrace

When to sow and where on the terrace

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When to sow on the terrace and balcony? Normally the sowing period is spring, between March and May, although there are plants that do not mind different periods. Let's say that spring is suitable for almost all essences, if you want to be more precise about when to sow (Spring lasts three months and climatic conditions change between the beginning and the end) consult a technical sheet plant by plant or rely on the information found on the seed packet.

Speaking of the sachets, remember to mark the date of purchase of the seeds on the packages. Or harvesting if you want to take away the satisfaction of sowing using seeds taken directly from your plants after the previous year's flowering and fruiting. This is important because after a certain period of time, which varies from species to species, the seeds lose germination power and become sterile.

In addition to when to sow worry about figuring out where on the terrace and balcony. Some plants can be sown directly outside in the target planter, while others need to be sown in containers to be kept a little more protected - such as in an incubator - and only then need to be transplanted into the home. The plants that can be sown immediately are all the more rustic ones (which in gardening means more resistant) but also those that would not tolerate transplantation due to the fragile root system, for example nasturtiums and poppies.

Seedling seeds are generally those with long germination such as peonies, alpine species or plants that need particular humidity and lighting conditions. On the when to sow geography also influences: in the colder regions even annual plants such as petunias and begoniettes must be sown in a protected environment and then transplanted when the temperature becomes milder; in the hottest areas, the same seeds can go outdoors immediately.

If by where to sow we mean the type of seedbed (we therefore exclude the rustic seeds that immediately go to the home) we say that the containers are all right, terracotta, plastic or even polystyrene if you have to reuse them. The important thing is that they are well cleaned because the seedbeds are very susceptible to mold and mildew and if they have been used down they should be washed well with water and bleach. The biodegradable containers for seedbed in pressed peat are excellent, and also comfortable, which have the advantage of facilitating subsequent transplanting.

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