Bmw i8, price and features

Bmw i8, price and features

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The first car plug-in hybrid license plate BMW is about to debut on the market and thepriceit's not for everyone. ThereBMW i8it will be marketed from next June 2014 withpriceprice list, for Italy, starting from 132,500 euros. Thepriceof theBMW i8it contains an unparalleled technology that makes itself known starting from the 2 + 2-seater Life Drive architecture and the extremely light aerodynamic body made with low specific weight materials.

The central element of the Life module is the passenger compartment made of synthetic material reinforced with fcarbon fiber CFRP, housed on the aluminum Drive module that houses engines and suspensions.


Bmw i8 Consumption
The hybrid system, added to aerodynamics and lightweight composition materials, allow the car to offer record efficiency: in the EU test cycle, consumption reaches 1 liter per 100 km with CO2 emissions of 49 g / kg .

Bmw i8 and Ambiente
Emissions and consumption, however low they may be, are never friends of the environment. The true allies of sustainability environmental are recycling and clean energy, which is why in theBMW i8there are a large number of precious materials derived from a particularly innovative recycling process. The starting material is a polyester granulate obtained in part from Recycled PET which, mixed with 40 percent virgin wool, gives life to the precious upholstery. For the first time in the automotive world, in producing the interior leather ofBMW i8environmentally friendly practices have been used.

For the assembly of the car, the BMW i8 has seen the use of electricity produced 100 percent from renewable sources.


There environmental sustainability ofBMW i8takes shape in the interiors, in the hybrid engine, in efficiency, in the production chain and ... in the key. The casing of the key of theBMW i8it is made of a so-called biopolymer produced from castor beans and only 30 percent glass fiber. The result is a particularly prestigious and robust body.

To recharge high-voltage batteries, BMW customers can count on clean energy thanks to the program360 ° Electronicwhich provides a green energy package starting mainly from wind power plants. Unfortunately, this option can only be purchased on German territory.

Bmw i8 Price
As stated, thepriceof theBMW i8it is not for everyone, 132,500 euros to which we must add thepricea large number of options. There is no misunderstanding: the on-board equipment that you take home with the entry price is top-of-the-range, in fact as standard you have the Professional navigation system with proactive propulsion management for the exclusively electric driving mode. , instrument cluster with digital display for displaying content according to driving mode and 3D graphical representations, two-zone automatic climate control, BMW iDrive with island-mounted 8.8-inch Control Display and Touch Controller, sports leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons, electrically adjustable leather sports seats and leather-covered instrument panel;


the user has the possibility to choose between four exterior paints and three interior trim variants that carry a surcharge of between 370 and 1,780 euros. You can add 1,900 euros for alloy wheels and up to 2,780 euros to increase the interior finishes.

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