Drip irrigation systems, instructions for use

THEdrip irrigation systemsyou hate localized irrigation, have the advantage of slowly administering water to the plants, either by depositing it on the surface of the soil adjacent to the plant, or by depositing it directly in the root area.

THEdrip irrigation systemsinclude valves, ducts and various types of drippers. The goal ofdrip irrigation systemsconsists in minimizing the use of water, in fact, thanks to the drips, thin jets of water are emitted that wet a small area of ​​soil, just enough to meet the water needs of the plant.

Drip irrigation systemssuperficial
Such systems, also calledSDI, Surface Drip Irrigation, use driplines to distribute the water on the ground surface, next to the plants; these are pipes in which the drips are inserted which can be rigid (more suitable for tree crops) or limp (used for annual crops).

Drip irrigation systemsunderground
In Italy, i drip irrigation systems underground, capable of delivering water to the root of the plant in a localized manner. These systems provide for the burying of the dripper lines so that the drippers can be found in direct contact with the root system without hindering their growth. In this way, not only is irrigation localized at the roots, another advantage lies in the lack of surface space: the pipes do not create an obstacle to other cultivation operations.

A variant of the drip irrigation systems given by valves, ducts and drippers, is the “perforated hose”, in this case a flexible hose with holes at variable distances and corresponding to the crops is used.

In detail, idrip irrigation systemsconsist of:
- a regulation and filtering unit that is used to open and close the system
-a head tube that runs along the canals of the fields
- the dripping wings
- the drippers

The driplines are tubes on which the various drippers are inserted to transport water in the immediate vicinity of the plants. THE drip irrigation systems they can be operated manually or by automatic systems that involve a doser with electronically or hydraulically controlled valves. For the management of the home garden or family fields, it is possible to use a timer with a control unit so as to set times and doses for each irrigation.

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