Electric car rental, from Milan to Naples

Electric car rental, from Milan to Naples

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Who is interested in theelectric car rentalhas a small choice. Certainly it will not be able to count on the dense network of car rentals available for cars with internal combustion engines but it has reliable and quality services available, among many, theelectric car sharingof Milan or Naples.

Rent an electric carit is by no means a mission impossible, the services are there and are scattered here and there, a bit all over Italy. Let's see some services ofelectric car rentalorelectric car sharing.

It is a service ofelectric car sharingactivated in Milan in October 2013. The protagonist vehicle is the Free Duck. The car costs 13 cents per minute - against the 29 cents of the more popular Car2go - as long as you keep it to travel at least 10 minutes, the minimum cost must be 1.30 euros. The cost of the service includes an annual fee of 30 euros.

Also in Milan, ATM-GuidaMI offers the Peugeot iOn electric car and the Toyota Prius hybrid. The price of the Peugeot iOn is 2.20 euros per hour.

The service ofcar-sharingEvai is active in Milan, Varese, Como and Pavia. Thecar-sharingof Trenord-Evai is all electric. The rate here is 5 euros per hour and the star car is an electric Citroen C-Zero. The Mitsubishi i-miev and Peugeot iOn twins are also included in the list of electric cars offered for hire.

It is the service ofelectric car sharingof the city of Naples. Rates vary according to the plan stipulated. With the annual pass costing 30 euros it is possible to take aelectric car rentalRenault Twizy at a price of 15 cents per minute for the first hour of use, the rate increases to 20 and then 25 euro cents per minute for the second and third hour respectively.

Econoleggio of TIL, Integrated Transport and Logistics Srl
It is the main Italian electric car rental company. Suffice it to say that the TIL Ecology counts about 40 Renautl electric cars between the ZOE and Fluence ZE models. Rates? The Piaggio Porter Elettrico costs 4 euros per hour while for the whole day you drive for 37 euros. Renting the Renault Zoe electric car costs 35 euros per day.

Greater EcoRent
In its fleet of vehicles it includes the Peugeot iOn which, like all electric cars, allows unlimited access to the historic center and free parking on blue lines. In Italy there are 150 Maggiore EcoRent rental points.

The popular Hertz, with the ElectriCity program, also offers Smort Electric Drive electric cars for rent with 130 km of range. The ElectriCity service is available in Rome Tiburtina and Rome Ostiense.

To find the charging stations for your electric car closest to where you are, you can use the search engine available in the article: Charging Columns for Electric Cars.

The service is also available via app for iPhone / IOS and Samsung / Android smartphones.

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