Kubo, the electric scooter

What will the means of transport of the future?
Certainly a large chunk of international mobility will abandon fossil fuels to embrace electric powertrains, air transport will see more efficient engines capable of optimizing biofuel yields while urban mobility will count on new forms for more compact and intelligent vehicles.

We have already seen a first step towards the future in our days with the compact urban vehicles such as the Renault Twizy or the Birò, the most innovative prototypes have been presented by various car manufacturers, including Toyota's iRoad, the electric vehicle designed for the city to the point of being able to climb stairs. In the context of "prototyping "a new project was presented byLit Motors, it is oneelectric scooterdefinitely peculiar. Is calledKuboscooterand it has been designed for those who live the city in a dynamic way, for freelancers but also for those who are used to shopping abundantly.


A big limitation of two-wheeled vehicles is given by the very low load capacity, onescooterit does not have a trunk, there is just a little space under the saddle to insert, at most, a helmet.Kuboit distorts the concept of “scooter” and does so with an electric engine and a loading platform with a capacity of almost 140 kg! The maximum speed is about 75 km / h and the range reaches 80 km.

The on-board batteries integrate a charger that can be connected to any electrical network. The manufacturer has not announced charging times, the description sheet states that it isKubo electric scooterit can be fully recharged in a few hours with the standard household socket.


The companyLit Motorsstarted a campaign ofcrowdfundig, is in fact looking for funding to be able to market this innovative vehicle. The goal is to raise $ 300,000 by December 20, so those who want to win the first prototypes of theKubo electric scooterhe will have to be ready to "shell out" 5,000 dollars (about 3,700 euros) today to then receive itelectric scooterat the beginning of January 2014.

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