How do you charge an electric car?

In observing aelectric car the first thing that catches the eye is the absence of an exhaust pipe. Yeah, the electric cars they do not have a muffler because they are too elegant and refined, they do not need to emit smoke and eliminate the problem of petrol leaks. How many of us does it happen?

We approach the distributor to take advantage of the self-service discounts and… poof, the gasoline spoils our pants or ends up on our shoes! Of course the advantages ofelectric car they are much more practical than this: with the lack of combustion there is a clean cut of the harmful emissions, but users will like to know that the noise of a electric motor it can instill much more peace of mind than the rumble of a conventional engine.


Not all flowers and roses, since the electric cars are an emerging technology, there are various problems to face. The first concerns the charging but we must not forget that the electric vehicles they need maintenance just like conventional cars, only sometimes it will be necessary to update the on-board computer firmware and update the specific charging needs. But how to recharge an electric car?

Recharge an electric car it is possible thanks to the vehicle charger, a mechanism located inside the car that controls the charging process with two fundamental functions:

  • - recharges the car battery
  • -Check the charging status and stop the process if the battery is damaged

Charging times and monitoring capabilities vary from car to car. For monitoring usually the battery temperature is taken into consideration and there are systems that allow fast charging eliminating the problem of battery overheating. The chargers ofelectric car they can receive electricity from a variety of sources, let's see which ones:

-Standard electrical outlet
The vehicle charger can simply be plugged into the household electrical outlet. Of course it would not be nice to recharge the car in the kitchen, much better to do it with an extension cable or directly in the garage! The domestic electrical outlet has a relatively small capacity when considering the needs of the car battery, therefore i charging times for a complete cycle, they can exceed 8 hours.

- Charging stations
The filling stations for the electric cars they should fill our cities. With charging stations, times are halved. Most car manufacturers suggest the purchase of a charging station to keep in the garage or garden. The filling stations are small and can be chosen as "optional"When buying a car, the price is usually around 1,700 euros, including installation.

To find the electric car charging stations closest to your home you can use our electric car charging column search engine!


If you think thatelectric car may be right for you, before purchasing, read up on the vehicle limits. At this link you will find the partial list of electric vehicles already on the market in Italy. We remind you that from January 2013 state incentives will be available offering bonuses of 5,000 euros on the purchase of aelectric car and, in the same year, the compressed air car will arrive in Italy. Finally the new mobility is sustainable.

Photo | Opel

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