ECOEXPRESS in Milan for eco home deliveries

ECOEXPRESS in Milan for eco home deliveries

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ECOMILANO Express sets the daily goal of 700 home delivery but just to begin with. Within 6 months, the Milanese joint venture of last mile eco-logistics will double, chasing the virtuous examples of Utrecht, Burgos, Padua and Lucca. Zero impact home deliveries or almost zero, especially in Area C, with a fleet of e-bikes, cargo-bikes and electric vans.

ECOMILANO Express debuts on September 15 at the police station European Week for Sustainable Mobility (6-22 September), is the most important ecology experiment in Italy - more than Padua and Lucca in terms of size - and was born from the experiences of two consolidated operators such as Milano Express and Orobici. Obviously, he does not lack the blessing of the Municipality of Milan, enthusiastically given by the councilor for transport Pierfrancesco Maran.

What will be ECOMILANO Express? More than a company of home delivery - in the city there is no shortage of them - the new company aims to put itself at the service of transporters who make deliveries in the city and who find the last best difficult, either for traffic or for the anti-pollution restrictions of the various ZTL and Area C in the case of Milan .

The logic of ECOMILANO Express will be that of the Service Hub and the Urban Consolidation Center model, but with an even more marked service vocation from a green-business perspective: reducing the industrial cost of home deliveries (value for market operators) and at the same time the cost related to traffic and pollution of freight transport last mile (value for the community).

Fifty fifty. Milano Express has made available to the new company its thirty years of experience as a delivery, transport and shipping agency in Milan and its hinterland. Orobici is more recent because it was born in early 2013, successfully experimenting with the supergreen idea of ​​bicycle deliveries in Bergamo, including the inaccessible upper Bergamo.

The headquarters of ECOMILANO Express is for the moment in via Voghera 49, the headquarters of Milano Express, but in dreams there is the sustainable logistics hub to be opened before Expo 2015: at least 1,000 square meters close to Area C but well connected to the ring roads. The project is there.

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