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Tarragon, property

Tarragon, property

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The tarragon, a medicinal plant whose leaves have a thin and elongated shape, is highly appreciated in French and Tuscan gastronomy. The fresh leaves are spicy with a bitter aftertaste: they emanate an aroma that recalls that of celery combined with that of anise but once they are dry, they lose a good part of it. In order not to lose its aroma, it is preferable to harvest it before the small flowers open.

The tarragon it is used to enhance the taste of meat and fish dishes, but not only, also to flavor cooked eggs and vegetables and it can also replace salt and spicy spices. We find it as a main ingredient in some sauces such as tarragon, tartar and Bernese. There is also tarragon vinegar; to prepare it, just infuse the leaves in white wine vinegar for about 2 months.

Tarragon, storage
Tarragon can be kept fresh, just freeze it and then thaw it if necessary, but it can also be dried; just put the leaves, spaced apart, on kitchen paper in a ventilated, dry and preferably dark place. Once dried it must be stored in hermetically sealed glass jars and consumed within a year; in this regard, do not forget to put a label on the jar with the packaging date.

Tarragon, property
Tarragon is considered a super food; it is no coincidence that it boasts antiseptic, aromatic, stimulating and digestive properties:

  • According to experts it is particularly suitable in diets to purify the body
  • Also according to the experts it has high antiseptic properties; it seems to be effective in fact against seasonal ills, oral diseases and toothache; just think that in ancient times the leaves of this spice were chewed after the extraction of a tooth.
  • It would also have digestive properties: for this reason tarragon tea is highly recommended in case of heaviness in the stomach and to digest a heavy lunch.

The aromatic oil of tarragon is widely used in herbal medicine precisely for its medicinal properties

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