How to make homemade tomato preserves

How to make homemade tomato preserves

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How to make homemade tomato preserves: traditional techniques for the preparation of canned tomatoes puree, concentrated and peeled.In the home, thecanned tomatoesmore prepared are the past, the concentrates and the peeled tomatoes.

Tomato preserves, the raw material
Generally, thetomatohas a pH that varies from 3.9 to 4.6, if you intend to prepare tomato preserves at home, you will need to choose a tomato with a low pH (more acidic), so as to stabilize the product for longer and simplify the phase of pasteurization. The variety oftomatomore suitable for the preparation ofpreservesand theSan Marzano, more acidic than the so-called "desserts.

If you pick tomatoes in the garden, start preparing theDIY tomato preserveswithin 6 - 12 hours from the harvest, otherwise make sure you choose a fresh and high quality product. The tomatoes chosen must be washed with running water in order to eliminate soil particles and any other residues.

To ensure maximum hygiene, immerse thetomatoesin a container of water containing sodium bicarbonate in order to eliminate any traces of chemical substances used during cultivation as fertilizers and pesticides.

Tomato and botulinum preserves

To reduce the risk of intoxication frombotulinum related to the preparation ofcanned tomatoes, we refer you to the articleBotulism and homemade preserves.

How to prepare the tomato sauce

For the preparation of thetomato pureeclassic, we refer you to the articleHow to store tomatoes,reminding you that thepasteurizationtakes place by boiling them in a water bathpreserves. In the home, the only treatment suitable for stabilizing a product ispasteurization which is carried out by completely immersing the containers in water. Cover the pot with the lid and bring the water to a boil.

Recall that if the filling of thecanned tomatoesoccurred cold, the water in the water bath for pasteurization must be cold, on the contrary, iftomatohave been filled with a sauce that is still hot, the water must be hot at a temperature as close as possible to that of the product in order to ensure uniform and vigorous boiling.

The pasteurization phase of thetomato pureemust last 40 minutes (if the puree has been placed in a 1 liter container), it takes 35 minutes if the puree is placed in half liter containers. The times are indicated from the moment of boiling the water. At the end of the pasteurization, the liquid phase (yellowish in color) separates from the pulp (bright red), do not worry, it is a very normal process. thehomemade tomato preservesmust be stored away from light.

Prepare tomato preserves at home, concentrates

Once the pass has been prepared, eliminating the aqueous phase by filtration with a clean linen cloth (or cotton) it is possible to obtain atomato concentrate. It will take many hours to allow the complete filtration of the liquid, therefore, those who are impatient to finish the job, can cook the puree for about 2-3 hours on medium-low heat (without lid) so as to evaporate the superfluous liquid.

Prepare tomato preserves at home, peeled tomatoes

Who is going toprepare peeled tomatoes at homewill have to select the most ripe, solid and free from imperfections. Wash them as described above and make a cross cut on each. Place a fairly large pot on the stove and when the water starts to boil, blanch the tomatoes by lowering them with theskimmer.When the tomatoes have cooled, remove the skin and put them in pots. Close the jars and pasteurize in the manner described above.

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